Radar Online: Source Close To Fox News Says Payne Email To Hughes “Tip Of The Iceberg”

There are two sides to every story when it comes to scandals and many in the conservative community has thrown Scottie Hughes to the wolves lately but Radar Online has some breaking news.

Many of you have sided with Charles Payne and thrown Scottie Hughes to the wolves over half a story and I am beside myself in even bringing that up. I think it’s irresponsible that you would target someone without hearing the full story.

Hughes has not uttered a word to the media or press in response to the hit attacks against her by some of her “friends.” This was a personal relationship between two adults who bear the responsibility for their own actions.

I think someone at Fox News is setting both of these individuals up. I don’t believe Payne released the emails he received from Scottie and I know for a fact Scottie hasn’t released any emails to anyone per her lawyer’s instructions.

A family friend has taken down Hughes social media for now and about that lawsuit. If there was one out there, why aren’t these reporting agencies linking you to it? Where is the leaker getting this information to give to liberal media and then copied by conservative websites?

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Source: Radar Online

And while doubt may have been cast on her claims as a result of alleged X-rated emails to 56-year-old Payne, Radar has exclusively obtained one email correspondence that could turn the conservative news scandal upside down.

In an email dated June 22, 2015, Payne allegedly sent a message to Hughes containing three scantily clad imagesof a blonde model — nearly identical to the 37-year-old — wearing a skimpy string bikini with a confederate flag pattern.

The Confederate flag has long been considered a symbol of hate and racial injustice.

Payne, who’s African-American, wrote only in the subject line “admittedly I have no problem with this.”

Hughes replied within minutes: “That’s funny because I do… For numerous reasons.

Among those reasons, “It’s racist and it’s disgusting,” a source close to Fox told Radar. “This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

An innocent journalist doesn’t attack a victim in the press. Scottie is begging to tell the whole truth, but she won’t go against her lawyer’s advice,” a friend of Hughes added.

A rep for Hughes had no comment. Payne did not respond to Radar’s calls for comments.

Here is the full screenshot:

If more is to come and Payne and Hughes aren’t releasing this information, then someone needs to be held accountable.

I am not asking anyone to take sides but if you are then I suggest you wait until both sides are on the table before you make a huge mistake.

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