Parents Of R. Kelly’s Alleged Victim Claim They Separated The Artist From The Man

I don’t believe they gave R. Kelly their daughters, but some did allow their daughter to be in his presence for hopes of him getting them in the music business.

Joycelyn Savage is a victim of R. Kelly according to her parents, but she doesn’t feel that way. Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage sat down with Gayle King and gave their account of how they connected their daughter with the R&B singer in response to Kelly’s interview that aired earlier this week.

How could you not question the credibility and values of the parents of all these young ladies involved? How did their daughters end up with R Kelly and why come out only now? There’s more to it than what the media portrays it to be.

R. Kelly claims his girlfriend’s parents first introduced the singer to their daughter and supported a relationship, but one of the girl’s parents say it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In his interview, Kelly claimed Timothy Savage brought his daughter to the first meeting with the singer and persuaded her to get on stage.

Savage straight up says, “Never had that ever happened,” adding, “I did not bring her to the show.” The Savage parents are also adamant they never asked for any money from Kelly.

They believe their relationship can be repaired with Joycelyn, but want Kelly to “rot in jail.” [excerpt via The Blast]

This whole thing sounds ridiculous, what kind of parents would give their daughters away to a music artist and what kind of man who is famous with a shady past take daughters from strangers?

I don’t know how the music business works, but as a parent and knowing R. Kelly’s alleged behavior, why would you want your daughter to be in his presence or have an influence on your daughter trying to get into the business? He’s been like this all the way back to Aliyah so as a parent I wouldn’t look to R Kelly to start my child’s music career

As it’s said, grand juries can indict a ham sandwich so, until R. Kelly is convicted and imprisoned, this is ALL much ado about nothing.

I pray for everyone involved regardless of what’s true or false, but he needs help no matter what the outcome, and also needs to be in prison if it is true.

I hope he gets treatment and those girls need treatment as well.

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