Putin Wants To Charge Former Obama Intelligence Officials With Financial Crimes

Well, it looks as if Vladimir Putin has one-upped Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team of Democrats.

I have been angered by the opposition media, DC politicians and even Fox News for going after Pres. Trump and how he answered the question about supporting his intelligence community. How did you want him to answer it? They’ve been after his candidacy and presidency for the last two and a half years.

I have another question for the powers that be. Did they think they could drum up charges against Russians and it not backfire when it came to charges against Americans for acts they may or may not have committed in Russia or against that country?

Vladimir Putin wants blood now, and he even offered Special Counsel Robert Mueller access to anyone he wanted, but he would want access to American citizens who he felt were engaged in conduct unspeakable.

(The Washington Examiner) – Russia wants to charge former Ambassador Michael McFaul and several U.S. intelligence officials with financial crimes, Russian officials revealed Tuesday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin broached the topic during his summit with President Trump when he offered to allow Special Counsel Robert Mueller to attend the questioning of Russian spies accused of conducting cyber attacks against the Democratic Party in 2016.

In exchange, Putin’s team wants to question McFaul and at least three National Security Agency officials in connection to a case involving Bill Browder, a hedge fund manager who has led an international effort to impose sanctions on Russian officials implicated in human rights abuses.

“We’re ready to send another request to the U.S. authorities to grant us permission to question these very employees of the U.S. intelligence agencies, as well as a number of other U.S. government officials and businessmen, in order to charge them for the crimes committed by Browder,” said Alexander Kurennoy, head of the Russia’s Office of Prosecutor General’s Mass Media Department, per the state-run Sputnik News

So uhh….where’s the media on this? Obama’s people under investigation for possible financial crimes? Say it isn’t so. What’s going on here and where can I purchase my popcorn, big gulp, and a ringside seat.

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Will Mueller or Deputy Attorney General travel to investigate the 12 Russians they indicted, taking Putin up on his invitation? Will the U.S. offer up Obama officials to be interviewed over their ties to Browder?

Remember this and remember it well.  DC politicians wanted the president to defend these U.S. intelligence agencies? The same intelligence community that tried to rig the election against him, and the same intelligence community that was behind a collusion scheme to defame and possibly impeach him? Sorry guys you’re wrong. When your own intelligence community has lied under oath, has attempted what amounts to a coup why should you go to bat for them? The FBI and the CIA are a corrupt embarrassment.

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