PURE IGNORANCE! Nancy Pelosi Says Trump’s Wall Support Is “A Sign Of Weakness” [VIDEO]

On Sunday, Nancy Pelosi appeared on “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd to discuss her opinion of the border wall.

In the clip, Todd first asks if there is any situation she would support funding for the wall if it means avoiding a government shutdown.

Pelosi showed no interest.

The Democrats do not support the wall. I think the Republicans on the border states do not support the wall.

The wall is, in my view, immoral, expensive, unwise. And when the president says ‘I promised a wall during my campaign,’ I don’t think he said he was going to pass billions of dollars of cost of the wall onto the taxpayer.

Todd then asked if it would be possible to give Trump funding for his wall in exchange for a priority Democrats want.

She did not show support for that proposal.

But you have to understand this part of the country. There’s a community with a border going through it. The president I think talking about this wall is expressing a sign of weakness. He’s saying I can’t control our borders. I have to build a wall.

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Near the end of the clip, Pelosi conceded controlling our borders is a responsibility, but a wall is not the answer.

Meet The Press’s Twitter account shows the exchange below.

Pelosi is once again wrong on this issue. Enforcing border security which includes a wall is a sign of strength.

Plus, it is not just a wall being advocated to control our borders. Increasing border patrol agents is something Trump wanted to include.

I would be interested to know what her idea of protecting the borders would be. If Pelosi is against the wall, what is her solution?

We should not have to choose between a wall or patrol agents. They both are needed to secure our borders. The wall does cost money, but did she claim it was expensive when Barack Obama added $10 trillion to the national debt? I highly doubt it.

So the wall is not a sign of weakness. Pelosi criticizing border security with no other solution offered is a sign of weakness.

What do you think about her claim? Comment below and let us know.

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