Female Reporter Forced Off Air After Far-Leftist Abuser Berates Appearance

A reporter was giving details about progressive protests on “open borders” when one of the fringe whiners started verbally attacking her.

Women hating leftists, what’s new? The left’s war on women continues.

Looks should have nothing to do with her reporting skills (although we know most TV stations select their reports by appearance). This was a verbal assault by a very aggressive progressive.

Source: GenevieveReaumeKATU Facebook

“She’s reporting the most f*cked up news there is to f*cking report.”


This is what was happening off the air on day 11 of the Occupy ICE PDX protest.

We’ve interviewed the people in this camp many times. We’ve shared their stories and listened to their concerns.

Instances similar to this forced me off the air this morning. They prevented me from fully doing my job, reporting the facts and giving our community a complete picture of what was happening.

Our job is to tell both sides. Just because you don’t agree with a side doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

I believe in what I do. If you don’t, I encourage you to get to know us.

If the reporter had shouted back at her, the progressive abuser would have initiated a physical confrontation. That’s their modus operandi. Once the violence breaks out, the mob takes over, and people get hurt or killed.

It’s a good thing there is a severe lack of testosterone in any given bunch of Lefties or these deranged lunatics would be more violent to normal people than they already are.

As much as I feel sorry for this young lady, she probably self-identifies as a liberal. Hopefully, this will start to open her eyes as to how irrational and ugly the left is. Maybe, just maybe, she will start to examine what she believes if this is the type of people on her side!

How would you have handled this situation?

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