Professor Required Students To Take Off Shoes And Quote Arabic Phrase Before Entering Office

Felix Coe, an American turned Muslim professor, retired after backlash he received when he forced students to follow Islamic rules before entering his room.

That’s one class I would have had to miss. You’re trying to tell me that I have to take off my shoes and say an Arabic quote before entering your office to speak about my grade or something I didn’t understand? That’s not my religion so why should I subject myself to being forced to learn it for communication?

If we paid attention to who was teaching our children at universities, we would be much better off. Would any University allow a professor to make students say praise Jesus before entering his class, of course not, but then again liberals?

These people can’t and don’t want to assimilate into American society. It is a pipe dream to think that we can live together with these people and hope there will be harmony. It has been and always will be a religious war. Stop trying to change us; it won’t work.

What if it what a Catholic professor who required every student to say a Hail Mary before entering? Or a Protestant professor who made them all pledge to a Christian flag before they could speak to him? Where would the tolerance be from the left then?

Source: Fox News

Retired biology professor, Felix Coe, taped two signs outside his office requiring students to say “Bismillah,” an Arabic phrase meaning “in the name of Allah” before entering his office, reported. Visitors were also required to remove their shoes.

“I’m a Muslim. You don’t come in my office with dirty shoes. That’s a curse,” Coe told a student, after telling her to “get the hell out” and “I don’t want to see you” for wearing shoes in his office in an undated audio clip recently released by Jihad Watch.

When asked by two individuals why he required students to say “Bismallah” and take their shoes off at a public university, he said, “Because I’m a Muslim.” He also complained he didn’t have a separate place for prayer in a video taken last December.

UConn spokesperson, Stephanie Reitz, told Fox News that Coe retired since the video was taken and the signs were quickly taken down from the satellite campus location in Hartford, Conn.

I bet if that were a Christian professor requiring a spoken Bible verse this whole comment feed would look a lot different, but because he was Islamic its a no-no. Absolutely pitiful.

This goes so far beyond religious freedom. He should have lost his tenure immediately and been escorted off campus that day. This is the poisonous environment Obama and liberals have created that indoctrinate our young adults into state-sponsored campuses no less. This has to be met aggressively and stopped immediately.

This professor should be deported to Iran immediately! He has NO place in the American Education system. He has no right to discriminating religion entrance requirements in a public building NOT of his ownership!

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