Columbia Law Professor Bursts MSNBC Bubble — Trump Jr Not Guilty Of Treason, Perjury Or Collusion!

Democrats are pounding the table because neither the law nor the facts are on their side and now a Columbia Law Professor destroys MSNBC’s attempt to take down Donald Trump Jr.

The liberal/progressives will continue attacking for as long as Donald Trump is President and the press helps them. It doesn’t matter if the Democrats have done any of the same things or worse. If the Democrats do something wrong, it goes to the back pages of the MSM newspapers or it isn’t even reported. I used to vote frequently Democrat, but never again. I don’t like what they are doing to the country.

Watching these MSNBC panelists try their best to get some sort of charge against Trump Jr and Columbia University Law School professor of legislative studies Richard Briffault shoot them down each time.

Let’s take a walk back in time. We just went through eight years of a president telling business owners they didn’t build it. Eight years of record increase in the shelling out of food stamps. Eight years of weakening this country at every turn with executive orders and apology tours. Eight years of the most racist president in modern history that celebrated the victim and demonized law enforcement and liberals including the media want to attack the Trump children relentlessly because they can’t bring down daddy?

Where were you for the past eight years when Obama made it well known we did not belong. Remember, he won.

Source: Real Clear Politics

About allegations of treason against Trump Jr., the law professor explained: “Treason is a little extreme for this… [Russia] may not be our friend, but it is not clear they are our enemy. We are not at war.”

About allegations of perjury against President Trump, his son, or members of his administration, the law professor explained: “I’m not sure any of this has been under oath yet… but you would have to prove [one] was knowingly and maliciously misleading, and [their] claim is to say he just forgot. So we’re in a gray area there. “

About collusion, the law professor explained: “Collusion isn’t really a crime, I think we are getting at things like conspiracy to commit a crime, or coordination of campaign finance stuff. Collusion is more of a political term than a legal term.

About the final alegation, that Jared Kushner might have forgotten something on his security clearance form, but added it later, the law professor explained: “That’s irrelevant… The thing was that he was at the meeting and he didn’t report having been at the meeting –as I understand it– in his intial filing to get the security clearance. So, at the very least, he has corrected that, but there is still some question about how knowing that was. So, perjury no, lying to the government maybe.” 

Man oh, man! MSNBC looks like a bunch of kooks! How can they not see this, and after seeing this why would anyone pay attention to these crazies? You don’t have to be a college professor of legislation to know the things this professor says. You just have to use common sense and not be trying to overturn a legitimate election.

This video segment says two things:

  1. How absolute evil the Democratic Party is for pushing this fake crap for so long.
  2. How inept Republicans are to stop a minority party from dominating both the narratives we are forced to pay attention to and the actual workings of our government.

What really makes me smile is watching these MSNBC panelists sit behind the desk and try to blame Trump Jr for something and the Professor keeps knocking them down. That’s worth its price in gold!

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