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School Principal Dies After Donating Bone Marrow To Save Another Life!

This kind of hit home for me because Derrick Nelson, 44, donated his bone marrow to save a 14-year-old but lost his life in the process when the doctors couldn’t bring him back.

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Nelson suffered from sleep apnea which prevented him from being operated under general anesthesia. Apnea is a condition that causes breathing to stop several times while asleep, something that I experience on a nightly basis.

Since anesthesia was a no-go, the doctors decided to try a different type of transplant: intravenous therapy.

“[the doctors would] take the blood out of one arm, send that blood to the centrifuge where they separate the plasma from the stem cell, then put the blood back in my arm through the other IV. If it’s just a little bit of pain for a little bit of time that can give someone years of joy, it’s all worth it,” said Derrick to the high school newspaper with an IV in each arm.

It turns out the surgery didn’t go as plan and Derrick never recovered. His father told NJ Advance Media: “After the procedure he did, he couldn’t speak and was lying in bed, his eyes were open, and he realized who we were. But he couldn’t move. He never spoke again.”

The marrow was to be sent to the 14-year-old in France.

The principal of this school has left a void in many of the kid’s lives! That is how you know Derrick made an impact.

My family was devastated to hear the news of the passing of Westfield High School principal Dr. Derrick Nelson. This is…

Posted by Mayor Shelley Brindle on Monday, April 8, 2019




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