President Trump Will Travel To Rally Support For Health Care Bill by House Republicans

President Donald Trump will take to the skies soon to sell Paul Ryan’s Obamacare amendment to the American people. Is that what the people want?

Trump supporters will be happy to see their leader no matter what he speaks about. Just spending time with him is a win-win for many voters who took to the polls last November to support this successful businessman in his quest to shut down the establishment.

Now comes along the Paul Ryan Obamacare amendment. Many do not support it while others will as long as Pres. Trump backs it. Trump says he is fully committed to the legislation as Ryan has the Commander-in-chief’s ear.

Source: Washington Times

Trump administration officials guaranteed Sunday that the president will hit the road soon to rally support for the health care bill put forth by House Republicans, saying the White House is “fully committed” to the legislation.

“The president, the vice president, all of us at the White House are fully committed to this bill, and we’re going to do whatever it takes to get it passed,” Gary Cohn, director of the White House’s National Economic Council, said during an interview on “Fox News Sunday.”

“Yes, he’s going to travel,” Mr. Cohn said when asked about President Trump’s plans. “Yes, he’s going to go out to the different congressional regions and he’s going to be personally involved in getting passed.”

Mr. Cohn’s comments suggest that Mr. Trump will appeal to individual lawmakers who oppose the bill. The president already has called out by name Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican and a chief opponent of the legislation in the Senate.

There are a number of conservative lawmakers who say they oppose the bill and don’t seem open to being swayed, even by a personal appeal by the president.

Are you sold on Ryan’s Obamacare amendment? Share your comments below and let me know if you are onboard.

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