President Trump Will Not Fire Rod Rosenstein; What Did I Miss?

To my surprise, President Trump has decided to keep Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.

I don’t know what the heck is going on. Either Rosenstein was part of the corruption that we have tagged him with, or there was no real corruption, and everything was taken out of proportion or context.

It’s hard to believe with what Special Counsel Robert Mueller has done with his early morning raids and Gestapo type court cases; it’s been going on for two years now. Maybe the swamp is too big to drain without sinking the country.

Maybe both sides are just trying to reconfigure the election strategy. Maybe President Trump won’t fire Rosenstein until after the election. The NYT wrote the article in the hopes of getting Trump to fire him before the election. It will be interesting to see what Mueller does on the Friday after the election. He’s probably got a stack full of things he wants to do but doesn’t dare to do until after the election. But I’m sure the same is true of Trump.

As long as the President gets those files declassified and unredacted for the American people, I don’t care who he fires as long as he starts building some fires and starts getting some results from the opposition which I can’t see happening as of right now.

Source: WCJB via Associated Press

President Donald Trump said Monday he has no plans to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, delivering a reprieve for the Justice Department official whose future has been the source of intense speculation for two weeks.

Trump told reporters at the White House that he had “a very good relationship” with Rosenstein and was eager to speak with him aboard Air Force One on a flight to Florida for the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference. They did talk, for about 30 minutes, but not alone, a spokesman said later.

The flight provided an opportunity for their most extensive conversation since news reports last month that Rosenstein had discussed the possibilities in early 2017 of secretly recording Trump to expose chaos in the White House and invoking constitutional provisions to get him removed from office.

President Donald Trump talked for about a half hour to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein during their flight Monday to Orlando, Florida, for a speech to police chiefs around the world.

The more I think about it the only logical reason to retain Rosenstein is that Trump believes he can pressure the Deputy AG and get him to clean up his mess(es). In short, Trump has leverage and wants to hold onto it.

Rosenstein’s fate is not solely in Trump’s hands, however. DOJ Inspector General Horowitz is currently investigating Rod’s role in the FISA application abuses, and there’s nothing Trump can do to shield Rosenstein from an IG finding of improper conduct.

US Attorney Huber may ALSO be looking at Rosenstein in order to assess potential criminal liability. Then you have Congressional House Members still pressuring Rosenstein to stop obstructing and footdragging their oversight documents requests.

Trump has been great in everything but the DOJ/FBI. He is going against the best advice of the House Intel. Committee members who are true Patriots. Those guys are the ones looking out for him. For some crazy reason, he will not listen to them. Rosenstein will be his undoing.

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