President Trump Vows To Fight Against Freedom Caucus In 2018 Elections

I am in shock right now. I can’t believe what I am looking at. President Trump has just warned House conservatives he’s gunning for them in 2018.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Trump is going to fight against the Freedom Caucus in 2018 and some of his supporters are confused.[/inlinetweet] Trump included them in a class with Democrats. Let me say once again I am shocked. I don’t know how much Speaker Paul Ryan had to do with this, but this is going to hurt in more ways than one.

Replacing a severely flawed legislation with one that may be slightly better is not what we need. Ryan had many years to put together his conceptual health care bill, and certainly, it needs work.

Here is Trump’s tweet:

I might not be able to go there. This sounds like a GOP establishment Reince Priebus thing. If we are going to be mandated to have health insurance, then the politicians should be made to take the same plans as the general public, no exceptions, which is when you would see some work being done.

Here are a few responses:

You know what pisses me off is Republicans can’t come together and get things accomplished. They should have worked out a new Obamacare replacement months ago that everyone would support. The Democrats want to give healthcare away and bankrupt our country while Republicans are divided because of their constituents.

I know this is old and sounds like I am beating a dead horse, but both sides need to come together and do what’s right for voters and the country. How about we start the new plan off by requiring politicians to use it that way they might work together to make it a good idea. I do know this, if Republicans don’t use their time in power wisely, they will be gone at the next election. Obamacare is imploding and most ordinary people can’t afford the premiums plus using it is a disaster with many states having only one healthcare carrier who are threatening to pull out.

If it takes President Trump getting in the middle of these bozos to remind them of this, then do it, but he can’t make laws that are congress job.

One thing is for sure staying with Obamacare is suicide, so the Democrats better keep that in mind when they keep reminding us how great it is. Who gives a crap if it is an Obama legacy?

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