President-Elect Trump Excels In 60 Minutes Interview; CBS Host Bombs!

The media is still fighting President-Elect Donald Trump and his 60 minutes interview that included this family turned out to be one that CBS Leslie Stahl thought she owned over the Trumps.

Shameful. Disgusting. Many could call this interview a setup. Trump conducted himself admirably. Stahl was a bad joke. To think that upwards of 20 million people will think after watching this that the majority of America has taken to the streets in protest of Trump, and that a similar number of conservatives are harassing blacks and latinos.

There was no follow-up of Soros funding and organizing Trump riots by Stahl.  Her demeanor was of the nature that she expected Trump to confess or admit something that would have the country confident he was the wrong choice. A woefully poor choice in multiple ways to interview a president-elect.

From 100PercentFedup:

The full interview with the Donald Trump and his family is a great study in how to handle a hostile and idiotic press. The old guard media interview had to be done with 60 Minutes and Leslie Stahl but we’re thinking this will be one of the last.


Trump said he was also upset with the media on how they are putting all these riots on TV. He said the media is in the wrong. I agree. He also said he is rejecting the president salary of $400,000 a year. He doesn’t need it and doesn’t want it. He is also not taking long vacations if any. He said there is too much work to do.

I have said this before, and I will say it again. I think we are witnessing one of the greatest times in American history. Trump is truly the “people’s” President. He will be a formidable force, and demand Congress to act, and get this countries economy and our values back on track. He will have high expectations and hold complacent people in our government accountable. Most importantly, he will restore faith in the American Dream, and pride within every one of us. He is driven by the everyday citizen’s needs and concerns and that is what we loved about him. You do not become as successful as he has, by sitting on your hands.

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Wayne Dupree

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