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Pres. Trump To Address Nation On Saturday From White House

The President wanted to let out enough rope for Nancy and Chuck to hang themselves — I guess he feels he has.

Pres. Trump tried his best to work out a deal with the Democrats before they took over the House of Representatives and then afterward. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have been adamant against providing funds for the border whether it be a wall or even border security.

If you haven’t been counting, the partial government has been moving along for over four weeks now. Pres. Trump has asked the Democrats to visit the White House to discuss plans on ending it. He’s even suggested opening up the government for 30 days asking Pelosi if she would then give funds toward the border and she said no.

It seems the time has come to make a decision.

I hope he stands firm and does not bow to liberals. Not only is the Commander-in-chief better than that, but the country deserves better. Democrats are going to come out of this shutdown looking pretty bad to real Americans.

On another front, I wish I would have seen the look on Nancy Pelosi’s face when he told her to postpone the trip overseas. He’s not been a career politician, and I like that about him. He tells it like it is most of the time.

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Trump traveled to the southern border a week ago and talked to America from the Oval Office about the situation happening there and how things are not getting better. He calls it a humanitarian crisis while Democrats and their media have tried to downplay, even ignore the dire circumstances.

Pelosi has tried to act as if she was in charge, something Schumer has been doing for over a year or two. She suggested the President postpone the State Of the Union address until after the shutdown is over. Then she boarded a bus with the idea that she and her cohorts were going to leave the country and travel overseas under the blanket of visiting and supporting our military. The same military Barack Obama tried to make into a social experiment.

Trump canceled her trip overseas which cause the media to have a conniption along with multiple tantrums.

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Pres. Trump has been mentioning how he has the authority to use the National Emergency powers to take care of the border and put people back to work, but that could start an avalanche of problems over the next couple of years and beyond.

Whatever comes from this announcement on Saturday, you can bet the media is going to turn it into a negative.

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