Pres. Trump Goes After “Criminal Deep State!”

Three Trump aides during the 2016 Presidential campaign have come forth with claims they were approached by a potential mole.

Foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos, Trump aide Carter Page, and campaign adviser Sam Clovis have publicly stated they were probed by an FBI informant which created a tweetstorm by Pres. Trump.

Imagine the left’s response if the Bush admin had done this to Obama’s team back in 2008. The media would be losing their minds. But as it doesn’t fit the narrative when their team does it, they just let it slide.

Trump may very well be correct on the allegations of spies. However, he needs to keep his anger and outbursts in check. Such things are exactly what his enemies want. When you get angry, you tend to say and do stupid things that they can turn around and use against you. He would be better off to say less, stay focused and go for the jugular. Walk softly but carry a BIG stick.

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The FBI has a right to investigate a campaign or an individual if they have a reason. There were reports of Russian Collusion (that we now know were made up to deflect) in the Trump campaign, so they allegedly put someone in there to observe undercover, and have found nothing otherwise Mueller would not need until September to “wrap” things up.

Here is where the problem comes in.

During the same campaign, there were reports that Clinton was rigging the election with the DNC to take it away from Bernie Sanders. There were the private email and server issue, there were reports of illegal campaign funds and misuse of money from the Clinton foundation among many other “reports,” and the FBI did not equally put someone within her campaign to “observe” that we know of.

If not, it would appear the FBI was playing partisan politics and choosing the left, and that my friends is COLLUSION.

I’m wondering what further delusions the left will hang onto once Mueller can no longer credibly be seen as having any chance of impeachment by the media? The MSM have done terminal damage to themselves. They will NEVER be trusted at face value EVER again.

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