Poverty Pimp Al Sharpton greeted not as Ceasar when he rode into Chicago, but as Judas – VIDEO

Finally smart people arising as the need arises. I hope they might lead themselves into undoing most of the faux-laws that have been made in their neighborhoods. They can do it, and I have faith that one day they will come to their concurring agreement that they must change themselves before a leader can try and lead them to a better change.

MSNBC’s Sharpton hoped to use the townhall to discuss his usual litany of left-wing causes. Sharpton wanted to talk of raising taxes, hiring more union thugs, imposing stricter gun control measures, and the like, but the crowd had other ideas.


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“Instead, attendees offered solutions addressing the problems facing their community as a whole rather than just taking on “gun violence” itself,” Segal reported.”Audience members addressed the need for jobs and solving the foreclosure crisis plaguing Chicago’s south and west sides. Perhaps the loudest message—and one that Reverend Al or the Chicago media have yet to report on—echoed by several different people in attendance as well as panel members was that it is time for the black community to start voting differently.”

Photo h/t Kelauni Cook

I am so glad to see that people are going to do something directed towards the political machine in Chicago, I’m just sorry that it has taken this long, losing so many young people to all of the shootings that has taken place in a City that has had such strict gun laws. More gun laws will not do any good, just enforce the ones that are already on the books… God bless the “grassroots” people of your City to do what you can to take back the streets and to stop the madness and the corruption in the government.

Wayne Dupree

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