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POTUS On Witch Hunt: Imagine Where We Could Have Been “If We Didn’t Have All Of The Bulls**”

Pres. Trump gave truth to the crowd in North Carolina on Wednesday night, when he told the crowd the country would be so much farther along if it weren’t for the fake Russian collusion story and the witch hunts.

Trump: “And the reason we have to, not only to do new things, which we will, and you know statutorily, and we had all sorts of artificial witch hunts over our head. Can you imagine if we didn’t have to go through that hoax, I don’t know that we would’ve done any better. To be honest with you, I think we’ve done more in two and a half years than any president ever. First two and a half years.

“But could you imagine what it could have been if we didn’t have the witch hunt — you said it. I won’t say it, because it’s a terrible word. So I will not say that this guy said if we didn’t have the bullh*it  —”

“No, no, could you imagine if we didn’t have the time wasted, the time and everything. Can you imagine — and you know, a friend of mine said maybe you wouldn’t have done as well. Is that possible? That can happen. Maybe we would have had too much time on our hands. Who knows. But I can say, nobody in their first two and half years has done anywhere close to what we — not me — what we’ve all done.”

Trump is right.  During the inauguration, the cameras zoomed in on Hillary.  She was sitting next to George W Bush, and he said, “We’ve got a problem.”  Hillary nodded and replied, “We’ve got to squeeze him,” referring to Trump.  Ever since his election, there has been a “soft coup,” and it hasn’t worked.  If you are not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem, so get the hell out of the way!

My advice to the Democrats is this, keep doing what you’re doing!  Keep up all the investigations, the subpoenas, push “Medicare for all” (BTW, a doctor friend just told me that Medicare pays 20% of what private insurance does for his surgeries.  Imagine if we ALL have Medicare!)

Vilify the producers in the economy, push forward a “Green New Deal”, keep talking about Socialism, continue using the poor families at the border as political pawns instead of helping, pass more Post-Birth Abortion laws in states, and by all means, start Impeachment Proceedings aligning closely with the 2020 Election News Cycle.  Bash Israel often.  Use the race card any and everywhere.

The world is your oyster and the 2020 Election will be ours! Trump 2020!


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