Portland ANTIFA Attacks Elderly Man

Unless lawbreakers are prosecuted, we’ll get more of it and have no one to blame.

Many states have “abuse of the elderly” laws that protect older people from abuse. He or probably anyone could make a complaint to the local police about this, and maybe they will find the perps and charge them for this. Most states come down very hard on these “elderly” abuses. Use it if you can!

This group was protesting the shooting of a convicted felon, an armed gang member who had just shot two people in the downtown area of Portland and approached Police with that same gun he had just shot two people within his hand and refused to drop it!

This is your Democratic party and BLM movement America. If you support this insanity and these protests for actual criminals you deserve the s*** hole your Democratic cities are.

If they can promise to stay there, they can have Portland. I will even throw in Seattle.

Did you see where the officers are just standing there and watching? No doubt told by their superiors and the Mayor to not interfere with these violent protesters. At some point, this will boil over, which is what Antifa wants, and people will die. The mayor allowing this invites more of this sort of action.

Source: Breitbart

Now, the protesters are back on the streets blocking traffic. In a set of particularly disturbing videos, protesters berate and harass two older white men in their cars who refused to obey their traffic directions. “You are a little white supremacist! North Carolina, huh?” the protester said, referring to the car’s license plate, “…Go back to North Carolina where you came from. We don’t need your KKK in Portland, Oregon,” the protester said.

“I’m in the middle of the intersection and [the protesters] are blocking traffic,” the driver says into his phone.

In the other video, the protesters smash an older white man’s sedan after he makes a turn against their wishes. After he zips down the street to get away from them, they chase after the car. He gets out of the car to check the damage on his car. The protesters then continued to smash his car with sticks as he drove away.

This emerging brand of “street anarchy” has left many asking Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to regain control of his city.

ANTIFA call themselves anti-fascist, but it is very clear from their actions they are the new brownshirts.

Have you noticed these ANTIFA snowflakes perform these actions in large cities? Why? Because these cities are led by crooked Democrats, who do not care anything about the law. If they try this a small town USA they would be put down quickly; I would bet dollars to donuts. They are cowards, but they aren’t dumb.

If Conservatives want to win, they will make ANTIFA the face of the Dem Party in every election ad.

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