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Pompeo Doubles Down — Caravans Will Not Be Permitted To Enter The U.S.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo doubled down on the decision of not allowing Honduras marchers to enter the U.S.

These potential lawbreakers are being called migrants are still marching toward the U.S. border with strong confidence they would be accepted to enter through our gates with praise.

It’s sad that the greatest country in the world can’t pass an immigration bill to protect our country. Oh yeah, let’s not forget how Congress refuses to listen to the people who are complaining about this injustice. They only listen to their party leaders, and nothing gets done

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday that the migrant caravans headed toward the U.S. won’t be allowed to enter, a prediction he made after talking to Mexico’s foreign secretary.

“I have been in close contact with Mexican Foreign Secretary Videgaray and it has been one week since Secretary Nielsen and I had a constructive meeting with Mexican Foreign Secretary-designate Marcelo Ebrard to discuss the migrant caravans,” Pompeo said in a statement issued on Thanksgiving.

“We have affirmed our shared commitment to addressing the current challenge,” he said. “The caravans will not be permitted to enter the United States. There are real dangers to the safety and human rights of migrants from those who would prey on them.”

Pompeo wasn’t specific, but his statement indicates Mexico is willing to help the U.S. make sure members of the caravan are kept in Mexico, and won’t be allowed to enter the U.S. and claim asylum.

Source: Washington Examiner

Let’s have an honest moment here. This is pure word games, clever parsing.

True, the “caravan” will not get in as a whole, as a unit. However the “caravan” will be partitioned into subsets of two and three, and each of those “caravans” will be allowed entry (just like last spring).

So what Pompeo is saying is that the mob will not enter, only its parts.

This is what happened last spring when we were all fed the baloney that the “caravan” was stopped. The truth is that all who reach the border will be allowed in, one way or the other. They will enter without force and will find a Welcome Wagon by our bureaucrats who do the processing.

Pompeo To Warmongering Media — “America First, The World Is A Dangerous Place”

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Democrat politicians organize and finance these caravans of invaders to organize them into fraudulent voters. It’s about time we work together to deal with this sad issue. In one hand I feel sorry for the people caught in the middle. On the other hand I feel they are being used. Especially with their trek toward this country during the Midterms.

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