Politico slanders Michele Bachmann, Makes Outrageous Claim

Politico should issue a retraction and apology to Rep. Michele Bachmann

Politico slandered Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) Wednesday while referencing her speech at the Family Research Council’s 2014 Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC, on September 26th. Bachmann’s speech focused on the greatness of America’s founding concept and the threat of Islamic Jihad.

Politico writers Anna Palmer and Rachel Bade cherry-picked words from the speech to make a fake claim in their article, “Michele Bachmann given security detail over ISIL threat”.

In the eighth paragraph, according to Politico:

Bachmann has been publicly critical of not only ISIL, but also Islam, calling on President Barack Obama to declare war on the religion during a speech at the conservative Value Voters Summit at the end of September.

Bachmann did not call on the President to declare war on Islam during the speech, she called on him to declare war on ISIS. When she spoke directly about Islam it was a reference to President Obama’s statement weeks earlier when he stated that ISIL had nothing to do with Islam.  Bachmann was clearly pointing out that the driving force behind Islamic terrorists is Islam. This is clearly evidenced by the video below and the following excerpt from the transcript of her speech. At no point of the speech was she asking for a war on Islam itself.

The full transcript is available at HERE

We can’t forget the others who are persecuted around the world just because of their religious beliefs. And why is that? It’s because we have jihadists who are subscribing to this radical ideology that believes that dying in the name of Islam gets them to heaven. This is spiritual warfare, and what we need to do is defeat Islamic jihad.

Sadly, our president has the wrong prescription. He even failed to acknowledge their motivations for bringing about jihad. Yes, Mr. President, it is about Islam. (Cheers, applause.) And I believe that if you have an evil the order of this magnitude, you take it seriously. You declare war on it, you don’t dance around it, just like the Islamic State has declared war on the United States of America. You kill their leader, you kill their council, you kill their army until they wave the white flag of surrender. That’s how you win a war.

And you don’t preemptively take anything off the table. You don’t advance signal your enemy as to what your intention is. The president asked Congress to follow him in a Vietnam-style slow walk response, and I said no because either the United States chooses to decisively defeat this brutal evil with every resource we have or we’re going to have to answer to the next generation why we failed to defeat the totalitarian evil of our day.


Rep. Bachmann’s speech starts at the 6 minute mark.

At no point in her speech did she call on President Obama to declare war on Islam. There is an obvious and distinct difference between wanting to “defeat Islamic jihad” and what Politico writes, “declare war on the religion”.

Whether Politico’s actions were intentional or due to a lack of professionalism, they owe Bachmann a retraction and an apology. It would be a mistake for the conservative media to be silent on this, a lack of response would send a message to the left that they can publish lies about conservatives with no repercussions.

No response from Politico has been received as of yet.

Please report this to Politico and demand a retraction: [email protected] or 703.647.7999.


Wayne Dupree

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