Who Is Really To Blame For The Violence? Political Cartoon Goes Viral

The opposition media has blamed Pres. Trump for his rhetoric and excused their 92 percent negative coverage.

Can we agree that at least one headline every day is going, to begin with, “Media, Democrats apoplectic about Trump’s…”?

I’d say he lives in their heads rent free, but it’s much more extensive than that. He’s more like a puppet master; he doesn’t need strings.

This graphic located at is a perfect example of what has happened over the past two years against Pres. Trump and his supporters. Sen. Bernie Sanders, ANTIFA, Madonna, Snoop Dog, Hillary Clinton, Kathy Griffin, Shakespeare In the park and even the attempted massacre of Republicans on the softball field, and these are just a few.

CNN is like a crack addict. They are addicted to Trump in a negative way. They know they should quit Trump bashing, cold turkey, and their ratings would climb. But they can’t; they won’t. It’ll kill them, but what can they do?

As for Democrats, they have not earned political power, and they shouldn’t be given any. They have nothing positive to campaign on, just fear, lies, demagoguery, and hate. They have shown us they lie during elections about what they believe, they are afraid, and when they get power, they flaunt the will of voters. Look at the messes they can make just sitting as minority party on committees. They have given voters no reason to vote for them.

Trump, on the other hand, has delivered on much of what he promised and those who supported him before have almost every reason to continue to support him, and the Democrats campaigning tactics have shown that the GOP voters need to come out in full force to support the GOP.

The media knows that their motives are divisive. They will try to deflect their divisiveness upon their targets, but even if when that fails and people see through it, they still try. It’s the whole reason they got into the business in the first place. They peddle influence and the political sort is the greatest addiction.

As long as you know the difference, we take their power.

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