Police Looking For Woman Who Shot At Man During Road Rage Incident

Hey Patriots, when you are out and about on the highways, be careful because you might find yourself in this predicament and might not be so lucky.

Joseph Hinton was fired up four times during a road rage incident that could have turned out fatal for him. The driver, a woman, left the scene and police are actively looking for her and any clues as to why she pulled her gun on this man.

Source: WBC15

The incident happened Saturday morning near 48th Street and Broadway Road. Police say one car cut off another and the suspect then fired three to four shots at Joseph Hinton’s car.

After firing at Hinton’s car, the suspect fled the scene. Hinton, pulled over at a bank near Mill and University and called police.

“As we were approaching the freeway and she was shooting she was trying to line up my car or line me up, and right as that happen I turned right and yea, got on the freeway and she kept going straight,” said Hinton.

“Definitely a surprise, definitely didn’t think that she would take it to those lengths but you know can’t put anything past anyone. She had her daughter in the front seat so that says a lot about her as a person.”

Police say no one was injured in the incident.

Nobody should have to face gunfire on the highway, but it seems individuals want to get where they are going and if you are in the way, you are the problem.

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