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Police Chief SHOCKS Shoplifter With Special Thanksgiving!

I am not condoning the crime that this woman got caught up in, but I am saluting the police chief for his kind heart.

What many don’t understand is that this woman from this point on has two decisions. She can take the kindness and goodness of this police chief and change the course of her future for her family by magnifying the spirit of giving or she can go the other way. I pray that she uses this man’s spiritual goodness to change her life around.

Everyone that lives in our country is not evil, or racist. We have a lot of angels quietly moving around helping those in need, and this woman just happened across one on this particular day.

“I found the woman, and as I was talking to her, I told her you can’t go back in there, you know, you stole some food, and they don’t want you back in there,” said Kelly in the above clip as he spoke with News 9. “She started crying and that made me tear up.”

“After I gave her the trespass warning, I thought to myself the only right thing to do is feed her,” said Kelly. “That’s the only human thing to do.”

And that’s what he did. He went back to the store and bought a full Thanksgiving dinner for the mother and her children.

“She just couldn’t stop crying,” said Kelly. “You know, and then, made me cry. Which I’m supposed to be a tough cop and all, but it just gets you.”

“There’s always somebody that needs help, that’s less fortunate than you,” said the police chief. “And by gosh, we’re going to help them.”

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Stories like this should fortify our thinking how things are not as bad it seems. We have a chance to fix the course of our country act like this and other good Samaritan acts that we hear about or see on our social media or through the news whenever they choose to report on good stories like this.

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