Sen. Perdue Doubles Down Against Durbin — This Was A Gross Misrepresentation Of What Trump Said

Sen. David Perdue doubled down on his original statement of President Trump not using the term “sh**hole countries” in a closed-door meeting during a Sunday morning interview.

Perdue said something that was strikingly obvious that I hadn’t thought of. Two days earlier from Thursday’s closed-door meeting, people were praising President Trump on his courage of bringing both parties together and showing his capability to run government like we knew he could and then here comes along Durbin, two days later, reporting the vilest disgusting report to turn everything into pot and anger a bloc of voters.

Congressman John Lewis claims Trump is a racist and that’s the only thing Democrats have. Trump is bringing back jobs for Americans of all color, cutting taxes, getting rid of job-cutting regulations, rebuilding our military, connecting with our friends abroad and showing strength against our enemies. Trump is pushing the America First initiative because for so long, our leaders have put other countries and their interests ahead of ours and the D.C. politicians are angry, so all they have left is to call Trump a racist.

Durbin started all of this from behind a closed door meeting dealing with immigration and DACA. Trump wasn’t happy with what they brought to the table, and Durbin’s feelings were hurt. That’s what I think, but I wasn’t in the room.

“The gross misrepresentation was that language there that was used was not used,” Perdue responded. “And that the tone of that meeting was not contributory and not constructive.”

After Perdue said that the report that came out of the meeting was a “gross misrepresentation,” host George Stephanopoulos pushed back, asking the Georgia Republican what exactly was misrepresented.

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Durbin is known for lying, and as I have stated before, the Illinois congressman is still not happy he isn’t getting federal funds because the state has decided to fight Attorney General Jeff Sessions and not work to help deport illegal aliens.

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