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Pentagon Awards Contracts To Construction Companies To Build The Wall

On Monday, The Pentagon announced the first contracts had been awarded to construction companies to began building the border wall proposed by President Trump.

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The major recipient for construction was SLSCO Ltd., a company from Galveston, Texas, who got $789 million for the construction of “border replacement wall” to be built in Santa Teresa, NM.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded $187 million to Barnard Construction from Montana to construct “primary pedestrian wall replacement” in Yuma, AZ.

Both projects have a timetable of October 2020, and altogether, that’s almost one billion in funding.

Lt. Col. Jamie Davis, a spokesman for the Department of Defense, said in a statement to The Hill that the El Paso contract would help pay for “30-foot bollard fencing and a five-foot anti-climb plate” and that the Yuma contract would build “18-foot bollard fencing and a five-foot anti-climb plate.”

The Pentagon did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Hill.

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The contracts mark the first funds the Pentagon has doled out after Trump declared a national emergency in February to reallocate billions of dollars in federal money to construct additional barriers on the U.S.-Mexico border.

The funds for the contracts come from the nearly $1 billion that was repurposed from Army personnel accounts to help supplement the 284 counter-drug account that authorizes border barrier construction. The money is separate from the $3.6 billion in military construction funds that the national emergency also reprogrammed for the wall. [The Hill]

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Democrats have tried to stop President Trump from fixing or expanding the deteriorating wall since he got elected, but Trump has stayed on message. The only different thing is that Mexico was supposed to pay for the wall and there was never any talk of the U.S. taking care of the bill, but Trump says we are getting money from Mexico another way.

Trump has threatened to shut down the border and informed Mexico they have a year to straighten out the illegal immigration issue or he will shut it down, no questions asked.




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