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Pence To Venezuela Ambassador — Go Home And Tell Maduro His Time Is Up

Have you ever heard the term, Like A Boss?

That describes the video below wherein Vice President Mike Pence told the telling the Venezuelan Ambassador in front of the world that he: “shouldn’t be here,” at the United Nations Wednesday.

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Venezuelan’s dictator Nicolas Maduro’s representative sat with a puzzled, crazy look like he was shocked this was coming from Pence. Pence targeted Maduro’s brutal socialist regime.

“With all due respect, Mr. Ambassador, you shouldn’t be here. You should return to Venezuela and tell Nicolas Maduro that his time is up. It’s time for him to go.”

“Now it’s time for the United Nations to act, and for the world to stand with the people of Venezuela as they march for freedom,” he added. [Fox News]

Our VP just earned everyone’s respect. He does have it in him. I do believe the Dems felt he was a pushover. I guess everyone has a breaking point.

It’s so beautiful to have an administration with a spine, instead of the weak, apologetic, failed administration of the Obama term. This is how America is supposed to act.

If you listen closely you can hear the collective cry of snowflakes everywhere saying “Socialism will work here.“




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