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Pence RIPS Manchin For Voting Against West VA Interests; Senator Responds!

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin is not happy with the Vice President over statements made tonight during a stop in the state.

Manchin might act like he’s someone who is crossing party lines but he is a chameleon. He has continued to tell those in D.C. that he voted against the tax cuts because he didn’t think they would work but he hopes they did. That’s the BS he gave to Fox and Friends this morning when he appeared on the show.

Pence visited West Virginia and laid waste to Manchin and his penchant for voting against the interests of helping those who were suffering under Obama policies.

Manchin was livid. He’s angry because the Vice President showed up in his state and blasted him. The policies of President Trump are not partisan. Trump isn’t just trying to help Republican voters; he’s trying to protect and help all American voters and these politicians don’t see the forest for the trees.

Manchin jumped on twitter tonight and responded with these series of tweets:

Manchin hit back hard at Pence which means he delivered these responses while he was fuming. But as you can see, Pence was thinking of the people while Manchin was thinking about his reputation. Huge difference.

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I thought Manchin was one of the few “Moderate” Dems that had some decency and common sense. Turns out I was wrong. However, it is a moot point, since he will be gone this November. Trump had a 40-plus point win in the state and currently has his highest approval rating, so it is hard to imagine a more vulnerable senate candidate in history.

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