Pence Assures: We Will Start Dismantling Obamacare On Day One!

On Thursday, VP-elect Mike Pence reassured voters and supporters, President-elect’s first order of business was to go after Barack Obama’s executive orders to undo Obamacare.

Every American has been touched unjustly or negatively by Obamacare. Businesses have had to scale back hiring and hours, many have lost their jobs, others are working part-time with no benefits, and this is because of one legislation that was pushed through the House and Senate by Democrats.

Rep. [score]Nancy Pelosi[/score] and Sen. [score]Harry Reid[/score], didn’t want help from Republicans as they had a supermajority and felt it was the right time to fleece the country and pass legislation even if they did not read it.

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Pence wants everyone to know, in his calm, cool and collected tone, they have things under control and they are going to take care of business starting Day one of the Trump administration.

From NY Post:

President-elect Donald Trump’s “first order of business” after being sworn in will be to issue executive actions to undo parts of ObamaCare, his vice president said Wednesday.

“It will literally begin on Day One. Before the end of the day, we do anticipate the president-elect will be in the Oval Office taking action to both repeal executive orders and also set into motion through executive action policies to implement — promises that were made on the campaign trail,” Mike Pence said after meeting with congressional Republicans.

The first order of business is to repeal and replace ObamaCare. And it needs to be done.

Trump took to Twitter to caution Republicans not to let Democrats hang the problems with ObamaCare on them.

“Republicans must be careful in that the Dems own the failed ObamaCare disaster, with its poor coverage and massive premium increases … like the 116% hike in Arizona,” Trump tweeted Wednesday.

Are you ready for a Trump/Pence administration? Are you ready to watch things work as they should? Do you think it will be a successful first 100 days? Leave your comments below.

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