Pelosi — It’s “really important” to lower the voting age to 16

Just about a week ago, Rep. Ayanna Pressley tried to get an amendment pushed through that would allow the voting age to moved down to 16.

On Thursday, Nancy Pelosi called that action to happen during her weekly press conference.

Lets see, if 16 yo children are intellectually mature enough to vote then they must be mature enough to enter into a binding contract, join the military, legally enter a bar and consume alcoholic beverages, be tried criminally as an adult vs. as a juvenile, be of the age of consent, etc., etc., etc.

Somebody needs to put the lid back on Pandora’s Box!

“I myself, personally, not speaking for my caucus, I myself have always been for lowering the voting age to 16,” Pelosi said when asked by a Daily Caller reporter about her thoughts on the issue. “I think it’s really important to capture kids when they’re in high school when they’re interested in all of this and learning about government to be able to vote.”

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“Some of the priorities in this bill are about transparency, openness, and accessibility, and the rest,” Pelosi added. “That’s a subject of debate and I would welcome it, but I’ve held this position for a long time.”

These kids are barely ready to vote for prom queen or even what’s for dinner. They are incapable of making decisions about a nation’s future, even if their immaturity does make them perfect Democrats. So no, no way. Make it 26.

Democrats are so desperate to get voters they’re losing. They legalized felon voting. They’ve gotten illegals to vote. Now they’re trying to get kids to vote. Too bad they’re murdering their kid vote. But it just goes to show how bankrupt socialism is, it will never fly in America without Democrats finding the ridiculous categories of people to vote for them. How about the cat vote?

Behavioral scientists could tell you that the human brain is not fully developed at 16 years of age. When it comes to liberals, the age increases from much older to never, in Pelosi’s case.

Like I said, these people are desperate. Despite the distortion provided by the media, the reality is that the modern Democratic party is rapidly disintegrating into various insane factions.

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