[VIDEO] “You’re Impeached Forever!” Pelosi Celebrates Impeachment on TV With a “Fist Bump”

Nancy Pelosi took a break from being “prayerful” last night on Bill Maher’s show and instead, decided to mock and laugh at President Trump.

Oh and “fist bump” the impeachment.

Watch the video:

Very classy, Pelosi.

She then went on to tell President Trump “You’re impeached forever!”

This is something many liberals cling to. I don’t think they realize how they’ve diluted “impeachment” to mean basically nothing.

It’s a sham and everyone knows that. Nobody is honestly taking this seriously, except to say that it’s shameful for Democrats to mock our processes and disrespect our Constitution.

Watch the video:

This type of juvenile behavior not only undermines the impeachment she worked so hard for, but it’s a slap in the face to the entire impeachment legislature and the American people.

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Needless to say, the internet has been responding to her childish behavior and they definitely put Pelosi in her place!

“Hypocrisy is strong in this one, give me a break you charged our @POTUS with a crime committed by #JoeBiden which I still havent heard you speak about”

“So the ‘crimes’ you alleged were not ‘worth it’ until @realDonaldTrump crossed the line? For you @SpeakerPelosi to claim your flawless patriotism of upholding the Constitution, you would not be able to pick & choose your battles. Careful which high horse you ride.”

“These people would rather America fail than Trump get credit for a job well done. Don’t believe me…Bill Maher is hoping for a recession. Imagine the pain Other People(non-elite) will suffer through! Who would wish that on anyone? Socialists! That’s who!!”

“Tomi Lehren said it best: Nancy Pelosi is what happens when you take DayQuil and NyQuil at the same time.”

“What a joke. The Speaker of the House appearing on a late night show. Democrats will never win another national election”

“The more the Speaker talks the more likely Trump is going to get re-elected. Don’t cry to anyone in November when the collective butt-hurt begins.”

These pitiful actions by Nancy Pelosi really prove just how disrespectful and degrading the Democrats are willing to become in order to oust President Trump.

But, of course, they won’t succeed in removing him or winning in 2020!

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