Pelosi -We Will Restore Checks And Balances To Trump Administration

Rep. Nancy Pelosi had a super majority and eight years of total power and did nothing, and the voters elected them into power again.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi celebrated Democratic victories in House as they needed to pick up 23 seats to take control and as of 12:21 AM EDT, they’ve picked up 26.

I’m genuinely concerned that she is still allowed to serve in the House. She needs to be evaluated for early-onset dementia. I can’t for the life of me figure out how this woman has any influence, let alone be a possibility for Speaker of the house. She is barely able to even speak in front of a podium.

I wonder if she understands that anything they try to put forward will be shot down by the Senate and or vetoed by the president.

Source: Washington Post

“Tomorrow will be a new day in America,” she declared at an election night party.

“We have all had enough of division,” she said. “The American people want peace. They want results.”

Pelosi said the midterms were about “restoring the Constitution’s checks and balances to the Trump administration,” as well as about defending Medicaid, Medicare and other programs.

The results appeared to vindicate the embattled Democratic leader, who became the chamber’s first female speaker in 2006 but lost the majority as Americans revolted against former president Barack Obama’s signature health law, which she helped pass. The measure became a rallying cry for Democratic candidates this cycle.

At the same time, Pelosi faces calls from within her own party to stand down as leader. Many of the candidates who helped boost the party’s fortunes on Tuesday have pledged not to support her bid for speaker. She has been a target of relentless GOP attacks.

The only reason we have division in this country is that of the Democratic Party let’s be real we’re not blind. I can’t wait to see the Democrats make fools of themselves. Trying to impeach the President, blocking all legislation, it’s going to be a shame for the country.

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