Pelosi Claims Trump Has Made Border Crisis Worse!!

It seems like the more Rep. Nancy Pelosi speaks, it seems as if wants President Trump to get 100% of the Electoral College votes in 2020.

Pelosi and the Democrats are accusing Trump of aggravating a crisis situation at the southern U.S. border. As a result, our country and our citizens are in danger due to terrorists entering our nation through the southern border.

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This is rich – the Democrats have been pro open borders and anti-border wall, welcoming caravan after caravan and denying there’s a crisis – only to now finally, admit that there’s a border crisis and conveniently blaming Trump.

For eight years under the Obama administration, Democrats did nothing to address border security or immigration reform, and since regaining control of the House they have obstructed the President from addressing the issues.

U.S. House of Representatives Democrats are accusing Republican President Donald Trump of aggravating a crisis situation at the southern U.S. border, saying he has not used funds available to help deal with a surge of migrants and exacerbated the problem with his attempts to crack down.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that bipartisan immigration reform, which has eluded Congress and the White House for years, is still the solution. It is in fact “inevitable,” Pelosi said on the sidelines of a Democratic party meeting in Leesburg, Virginia.

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In Washington, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican, also called for bipartisan discussions on immigration. But he focused on toughening U.S. asylum law, a move that Democrats likely would oppose.

Democrats have not proposed a comprehensive immigration bill since taking the majority in the House this year. Republicans still hold the Senate. [Reuters]

Before the world, Trump tried to deal with Democrats on comprehensive immigration and the Dems wouldn’t budge afraid they would have to compromise on the wall. The Dems OWN the problems currently at the border! Democrats when are you all going to make a proposal and start negotiating on a deal on immigration reform. Trump has been waiting for months to make a deal.

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Let’s also remind everyone that Congress sets immigration policy and funds these policies. Anything that is being done/ not being done on Congress’ head. They’re the ones who have caused this crisis to exist for too many years simply to please certain blocks of their voters, both parties. Just another reason we need term limits.

Apparently, Pelosi didn’t get AOC’s memo dated 09 APR 2019 where she clearly states that “climate change” is the number one reason for the immigration crisis.

Voters expect more, and Democrats will pay the price in 2020 for failing the voters.



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