Pelosi — House Democratic Majority Will Once Again Pass The Dream Act To End Uncertainty And Fear

The DC swamp is all about playing a game using the American public as the jury.

When the House comes back from the Christmas Holidays, Democrats will be in charge, thanks to Republicans who purposely gave up seats for this to happen, or that’s what I think. However, they will not control the Senate. This means Speaker Nancy Pelosi can play on the emotions of the American people including DREAMers when the House passes bills that don’t make a lot of sense.

Republicans will have to be on point when dealing with her in regards to pushing for amnesty for illegals, and that includes the DREAMers. She is going to run the legislation up against a Republican Senate and then blame them if her attempt to help the DREAMers does not go through. Again, this is a game which the Congress has played for years.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) promised over the weekend to pass the Dream Act in the new Congress, which would provide amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

Pelosi, who will likely become the next speaker of the House in January, said in a statement on Saturday that she will work to pass the Dream Act with her new House Democrat majority.

“America draws strength from our long, proud heritage as a nation of immigrants. In the Majority, Democrats will work to reverse the Republicans’ destructive anti-immigrant agenda,” Pelosi contended. “Our House Democratic Majority will once again pass the Dream Act to end the uncertainty and fear inflicted on patriotic young men and women across the country.”

Pelosi released the statement in response to a letter from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, which urged Pelosi to take up legislation in the first 100 days of the new term to protect Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) illegal aliens and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) refugees.

Source: Breitbart

President Trump gave Democrats the option of amnesty for DREAMers if he got his wall funds but they balked and walked away from that idea. Like I said before, it’s a game to these people, and the lives of “legal” Americans hang in the balance.

Pelosi — Democrats Will Work To Reverse Republicans Destructive Anti-immigrant Agenda

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