Pelosi Responds To Possible Tariffs Against Mexico — Not The Way To Treat A Friend

Rep. Nancy Pelosi attacked Pres. Trump over proposed tariffs against Mexico due to the illegal immigration problem that continues to plague our southern border.

On Wednesday, Border Patrol alerted the American media that we have a “full-blown emergency.” In May 2019, over 144,000 illegal border crossers were apprehended which was a 30 percent increase from April 2019, but Democrats and Republicans want to leave Mexico alone.

A reporter brought up the subject of the proposed tariffs against Mexico and Pelosi slammed her hands on the podium, calling them “dangerous territory” and added this is not the way to deal with immigration. She’s right in a sense. Immigration needs to be fixed, but this is the way illegal immigration should be handled.

[email protected] on Mexico tariffs: “This is dangerous territory. This is not a way to treat a friend. It’s not a way to deal with immigration.”

I think she’s had a few. She keeps getting worse. They do need a mandatory retirement age since these people never know when enough is enough, and it’s time to retire. Have they no family and friends with whom to enjoy retirement? It’s not like they don’t have the money to enjoy themselves. Their lives must be empty.

I wish President Trump would sign an executive order taxing remittances to all countries at 50%. It would pay for the wall, we’d get some of that welfare money back, and it would get the attention of the countries who are sending so many people they don’t want to cross our southern border.

Thanks to the Democrats and Republicans, we have a massive problem at the border that can cause massive problems in health, human suffering, the slave trade and so on. Instead, they continue to ignore our countries needs and only want to impeach Trump.

Remember this come 2020. Folks we have got to get control of Congress by adding MAGA-minded Americans into the conversation as the House has turned into a house of horror and the Senate is following along when it suits them.


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