[VIDEO] Slurring Pelosi Says She Can’t Attend 49’ers Game Because She Must “Save the Country From Peril”

There’s something very wrong with Nancy Pelosi.

Besides the slurring, stammering, confusion, and the dentures falling out of her mouth, there’s a bigger concern at hand.

This unstable woman truly appears to be under the unhinged illusion that she’s the leader of the free world.

Now, I’m not sure if it’s her old age, a medical condition, or substance abuse but she has some bizarre superiority complex and is playing a very creepy game of “President Pelosi.”

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Remember back in early December, Pelosi was in Span attending a two-week “Climate Change” conference and she was promising everyone and their brother that Congress would tackle climate change, even though she’s not the president and the actual president has no intention of doing anything like that.

She was over there pledging that Congress would “urgently” tackle global warming despite President Trump’s very firm opposition to any international pact.

“By coming here we want to say to everyone we are still in, the United States is still in,” Pelosi told reporters.

Also, she’s playing out this really crazy power move (that makes zero sense, by the way) with the impeachment articles and now she’s leading the charge to take away Trump’s powers to go after terrorists.

And now we’re learning that Pelosi says she’s unable to attend her favorite 49’ers football game because she has to “save the country from peril.”

She can chuckle and laugh all she wants but she’s not joking. The power of her Speaker position and the pressure she’s getting from her caucus is causing the mentally fragile Pelosi to crack.

She really does believe she’s the “boss” of the country.

Do you think Nancy Pelosi could win a national election?

Ha ha ha, uh, never.

Nancy Pelosi is on a crazed power trip – and that’s scary at any age – but when you’re a slurring and unwell elderly woman with delusions of grandeur it’s really terrifying.

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