Pelosi: Obama Created Four Million Jobs In His First Four Weeks

Nancy Pelosi’s senile mind is hanging on a thread, and this latest statement should anger many of you.

Many of you know Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is a stuttering woman who can’t put clear and concise arguments together for anything these days, but when she had the chance to say whether or not she could work with President Donald Trump, she came up with a major lie.

From the video:

“Well let’s just talk about that for a moment because I call him the deflector in chief. He has no jobs bill. I talked about President Obama in the first four weeks, 4 million jobs. He has no jobs bill, so he’s got to talk about the press. He has no jobs bill, so he has to talk about kids–transgender kids in school. He has no jobs bill, so he has to talk about immigrants and have a ban on Muslims coming to to country.”

Also, notice how George Stephanopoulos didn’t check her on that alternate fact.

People like this should past the screwy house and go straight to jail. Obama never created four million jobs, and yes I know the numbers say he created 10 million but that’s crap.

If we even go by Nancy’s numbers, the record says Obama created in the neighborhood of 10 or 11 million jobs and four million of those were created in the first four weeks of his presidency? So over the next seven years, he only created six million more jobs?

Do you see her lunacy?

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Wayne Dupree

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