Pelosi: Nobody Is Trying To Take Your Guns Away

If you allow the Democrats to lull you to sleep with their “we don’t want to take your guns” rhetoric, you would be in or a rude awakening.

Democrats do not want you to have guns. They blame 85-90 percent of violence on guns, not the person pulling the trigger. They also blame National Rifle Association (NRA) members for the killings around America but what’s strange is you rarely ever hear of these mass killers being a member of the NRA.

Source: Free Beacon

Democrats and journalists want Americans to know that nobody is coming to take away their guns.

In fact, they consider such an idea “insanity,” and have spent a great deal of time making assurances that so-called common-sense gun control laws would never turn into a slippery slope that infringes on Second Amendment rights.

Create a slippery slope? Please, that slope is damn glare ice! You give the progressive left one inch on any gun control issue they will take at least a yard!

You even have leftist newspapers openly calling for the complete repeal of the Second Amendment. Now I know this is nothing new and has long been their goal, but to come out and make it your front page story tells me they think they have a lot of leverage now. And we need to squash that belief immediately.

What I find odd is, we have a bill working it’s way through Congress to remove suppressors from the NFA list, and all of a sudden we have a “mass shooting” in which NO suppressor was used and suddenly, liberal democrats are all over the news saying “Thank God he wasn’t using a suppressor!

Once you accept the premise that a feature makes a gun “extra-evil,” then the argument is lost. They will simply add “features” to the list of evil gun parts until they have completely removed guns from civilian use. Bump stocks, removable magazines, pistol grips, flash hiders, muzzle breaks, holographic sights, scopes. All are “Features” that make shooting faster and more deadly. Do you think the Democrats will stop with bump stocks? Pelosi has already made it clear they won’t.

Don’t fall for it this is nothing but lies to open the door to tons of gun control. People are easier to control when they’re disarmed.

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Wayne Dupree

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