Paul Ryan CLARIFIES Statement — We’re Better Off Because Of Trump

A few days ago, Paul Ryan made this statement:

“The person who defines that race is going to win the race. If this is about Donald Trump and his personality, he isn’t going to win it.”

On Wednesday, he walked it back after the backlash he received online and publicly. I felt he was trying to give Democrat clues on how to beat President Trump in 2020. I came to that conclusion because Ryan has never really supported President Trump.

Ryan couldn’t have thought about what he was saying because he put his friend, Rep. Kevin McCarthy in a bad situation. “I believe this president will win re-election,” McCarthy told reporters at a House GOP weekly press conference. “I believe this president could run on many different items, mostly about what he promised he would do for the American public and which he’s been able to achieve.”

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Except for tax cuts, Ryan had no interest in implementing President Trump’s agenda. He was John Boehner lite and just another globalist who wants to destroy the value of American labor through completely wide open borders.

Do you want to know why Ryan never got that much bad press? There’s an old saying in a war that you don’t start seeing flak until you’re approaching the target, and the thicker the flak, the closer you are getting. Ryan was never any threat to leftist targets, so they gave him a pass. And Trump has never stopped being a target because leftists know he’s a threat, pure and simple.

It isn’t Trump’s personality Ryan, and the rest of the globalist elites despise. It’s that Trump is getting much of what he promised accomplished. Trump is the legacy of the McCain/Boehner/Ryan branch of the party who refused to govern as they campaigned. If they’d even attempted to do what they promised there would never have been the populist revolt by the Republican base. Establishment Republican grifters were making a lot of money keeping the borders completely wide open.

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