Beloved California Mega Church Pastor Who Dedicated His Life to Preventing Suicide, Killed Himself

The Evangelical world was rocked when word spread that a popular “mega church” pastor, who dedicated his life to helping kids avoid suicide, killed himself.

Jarrid Wilson was a wildly popular and beloved pastor at “Harvest Christian Fellowship Church.”

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Back in 2016, Wilson founded “Anthem of Hope,” a Christian organization designed to help those struggling with mental health and substance abuse.

Pastor Wilson dedicated his life to helping people who suffered with extreme pain and addiction.

So, you can imagine the shock and hurt that his flock experienced when they discovered that the bright, loving 30-year-old pastor, husband, and father of two, killed himself.

Pastor Wilson was not shy about sharing his own struggles with depression. Maybe that was the reason he was drawn to helping others?

Shortly before his death, Pastor Wilson took to Twitter where he wrote, “Loving Jesus doesn’t always cure suicidal thoughts. But that doesn’t mean Jesus doesn’t offer us companionship and comfort.”

It’s very sad that this man ended his life. We’re experiencing a serious mental health crisis in this country. Please pray for his family.

Southern California megachurch Pastor Jarrid Wilson died on Monday by suicide.

The 30-year-old Wilson was a noted mental health advocate. He co-founded Anthem of Hope, a group that is meant to help people dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Wilson was associate pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside. He leaves behind his wife, Julianne, and two sons, Finch and Denham.

He served under Pastor Greg Laurie, who announced the tragic news through social media.

“It is with the deepest sadness and shock that I have to report that @jarridwilson went to be with the Lord last night. At a time like this, there are just no words. The Bible says, ‘There is a time to mourn.’ This is certainly that time,” Laurie wrote.

Laurie went on to say that Wilson was a “vibrant” and “positive” person.

“Jarrid loved the Lord and had a servant’s heart. He was vibrant, positive, and was always serving and helping others. Jarrid also repeatedly dealt with depression and was very open about his ongoing struggles. He wanted to especially help those who were dealing with suicidal thoughts,” Laurie wrote.

He said many people speak out on the issues that directly affect them, which explains Wilson’s mental health advocacy.

“Over the years, I have found that people speak out about what they struggle with the most. One dark moment in a Christian’s life cannot undo what Christ did for us on the cross,” he wrote. []

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There is a Gofundme set up for Pastor Wilson’s young family. You can find the information below:

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