Pastor John Hagee “Get your nasty self off the couch and go get a job!” [VIDEO]

While preaching at the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Tx., Pastor Hagee gave his opinion on helping the poor and less fortunate, noted

“To those of you who are sick, to those of you who are elderly, to those of you who are disabled, we gladly support you,” Pastor Hagee stated. “To the healthy who can work but won’t work, get your nasty self off the couch and go get a job!”

“America has rewarded laziness and we’ve called it welfare,” added Pastor Hagee. “The Bible says ‘The man who does not work, should not eat.’ I know the liberals hate that verse, but read it and weep! It’s God’s position.”

Pastor Hagee was quoting 2 Thessalonians 3:10, which was written by the Apostle Paul (who was unemployed at the time).

Pastor Hagee went on to speak on Young Migrants Shielding “Rapists, Murderers, Pedophiles, Terrorists”

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