Parents Kick Gay Child Out Of Home — Will Go To Georgetown Free Of Charge This Fall

I’ve never been in this situation before but I feel sorry for this student and how they had to endure this embarrassment.

The parents of this child will always be known as the one to kick their homosexual child out of the house because of his gender preference. How can you kick your own flesh and blood out of the house because of who they choose to be?

As a parent you cannot control your child’s future or direction, that is not your purpose. You were put on this earth to give your children direction on what is right and wrong and through experiences they would be able to fall back on your information to make positive decisions.

Not everyone gets it right but to kick your child out of home is serious.

Source: WJLA

After raising nearly $130,000 to cover tuition, the gay Florida valedictorian who says his parents kicked him out will pay nothing to go to college this fall.

News outlets report Georgetown University adjusted 18-year-old Seth Owen’s financial aid package, reducing his expected out-of-pocket contribution from $20,000 to $0.

His aid package had been calculated based on his parents’ ability to pay. But he says they kicked him out in February, following disagreements over his sexuality and an ultimatum: attend their Southern Baptist church or leave.

Having initially refused to adjust aid, Georgetown has now enrolled Owen in its scholarship program. Georgetown released a statement Friday in which Owen says he hopes to use the GoFundMe set up by his biology teacher to create scholarships for LGBTQ students facing similar circumstances.

This story turned out to be a sort of happy ending. The family will need to go through some rough times to get over this as this has become a national story and the parents are stained by their atrocious decision. Hopefully, the student will be able to pull it together and excel in school. That would be an awesome end to this story, don’t you think?

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