Palin, Perry, Cain, EW Jackson – Road to Majority 2013 Conference – Day 3 Review by Newsninja2012

Can you ask for anything better than this power packed line-up? The speakers came with fire and zeal today which lit up the room at the JW Marriott in Washington DC, just a few minutes from the White House. To a certain point it was almost like camp meeting, and I know what camp meeting was all about growing up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and attending spiritual meetings that were intended to motivate the crowd, telling them a work needed to be done and it stars with them.

Mama Grizzly Loves the Audience's Spirit
Former Governor Sarah Palin closed the conference staying to take pictures and sign autographs from people that she held high out of respect for staying strong against the Government that would seek to take away their rights

Texas Governor Rick Perry started off the morning with a calm plea for Americans to do better and to begin to be more passionate about the party. Perry spoke on many things such as being “one in mind and spirit.” One thing that you get when you listen to Rick Perry is a story of faith and spiritual guidance that leads this man’s direction. He began his walk with God after deciding that his arms were too short to box with him and he needed to be more humble. Listen to his story during this excerpt which was taken today at the Road to Majority 2013 conference.

EW Jackson, who’s running for Lt Governor of Virginia took to the podium as he was taking to the pulpit to preach the Father’s Day Sermon! What I truly love about EW Jackson is that he doesn’t sugar coat anything and he stays true to his beliefs and God’s word.  Jackson spoke on how Freedom is not licensed. “THERE IS NO FREEDOM WITHOUT GOD.”

The more you engage in license, the less freedom you have. Freedom is not dependence. We are a nation that parents know how to raise their children better than the government – EW Jackson

Herman Cain came out of the gates strong and heavy. “I am sick about people talking about giving up,” he said. “We need to stop making excuses about the losses we had in 2012 and start talking about what we need to do to win in 2014.” Herman Cain’s forcefully and yet engaging presence gave the audience a lecture while also a lesson in how to deal with what’s coming. This was my first time seeing Herman Cain close and up front and I can truly say I know why so many people enjoy his speaking style. Here is a little except of what I was able to get during his speech.

When Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin took to the stage you could definitely tell that she was totally in awe of Americans that were standing up against the government that seemed to want to take away the rights of American citizens. Palin did a great job today in not being the focus of the meeting but praising citizens and those in the audience for their continued work in the fight to keep government on their heels. So many Americans that are not politically active are giving a new voice to freedom…a new Road to Majority so to speak.


Reince Preibus stood tall and firm today in speaking to the crowd trying to give them hope for the GOP. He spoke about how we should stop speaking at each other and start speaking to each other. He really seemed earnest and contrite to the crowd in giving ideas of what the GOP is planning as they move forward. The GOP is tired of voters only being active a few months ahead of the election and know that they need to get out and early to voters around the nation in a movement where they are speaking and reaching 365 days of the year. The GOP needs to forget relationships with everyone instead one sect of people and he sounds as if he hears the voices yelling at him. The only question is will the voices stop yelling enough to volunteer to help?



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