Robert Mueller Closes Russia Investigation, Delivers Report To Attorney General Barr

Expect the MSM to downplay their failed coup attempt. This ‘big’ report has nothing whatsoever in it about Trump doing anything wrong.

The ISIS Caliphate Has Been Defeated!

It’s hard to believe President Trump’s approval numbers are as low as they are. Something is really wrong. In a […]

Economists Say Trump In Catbird Seat For 2020 Landslide!

But we can always look back to Democratic strategist James Carville who once coined the phrase “the economy, stupid,” as the cornerstone for reelection.

AIPAC 2019 — Democratic Presidential Candidates To Snub Conference

Let’s face it; they have no sane or logical explanation for their inaction in the face of clearly anti-Semitic comments made by Democrat national office holders.

Chuck Todd — Trump’s Base Just Wants To Make Liberals Cry, Nothing Else

Libs have been crying and whining and losing elections for a long time now, even before Trump came along.

OPPORTUNIST! Ana Navarro Goes After Trump Over McCain Responses

Ana Navarro is still angry her 2016 GOP presidential candidate never gained traction and lost to Trump early in the process

Olivia Jade Blames Mom, Lori Loughlin For Her Career Downfall!

I don’t want to take sides but the only reason she had a “career” was that her mom was Aunt Becky and her dad is a fashion designer.

Man Arrested After Keeping 86-Inch Flat-Screen TV Delivered To Him By Mistake!

The shipping company was at fault, however, and if I were Amazon, I would not allow them to use my site.

395 Illinois Priests And Deacons Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

After centuries of concealing the extent of and denying the existence of pedophilia within the priesthood, the church has no credibility whatsoever when it comes to defending itself

Sen. Booker — Trump’s Policies Could “Cause People’s Death”

For the last few years, Democrats have used “literally” the same way teenage girls do.

AOC Blames Increased Death Threats On Right Wing Media

Ever since AOC joined Congress, the Capitol Police have trained AOC’s staff how to handle visitors when they enter the office.

10 Years Later — HBO’s Deadwood Is Back!

Can’t overstate my excitement about this– FINALLY! The greatest show of all time.

Fox News Cancels Judge Jeanine Show For 2nd Straight Week!

Judge Jeanine is very intelligent. She is a no-nonsense person with clear explanations of truth. Her show is always crystal clear and one of the best on Fox.

OVERWHELMED! ICE Released Over 100,000 Illegals The Past Three Months

If you are going to release illegal invaders, why would you release them here in the country that they are invading and not back across the border from which they came?

Meghan McCain RIPS Kellyanne Conway For Not Shaming President Trump

Wow! The View – a program of women for women – and they are trashing Kellyanne and completely ignoring her husband embarrassing her in public

Sarsour Uses New Zealand Tragedy To Push Email Fundraiser

Sarsour has seemed to have all kinds of behind the scenes reasons and objectives in organizing the women’s marches.

GOING MAINSTREAM! Omar Documentary Now Out On Streaming Platforms

She’s been coddled by the Democratic party leaders for a few months now. They have given her a pass, twice, on things she has said regarding Israel

MSNBC Guest Begrudgingly Admits No Ending Electoral College If Hillary Had Won

Trump did what needed to be done to win under the system in place; Hillary did not so deal with it.