[VIDEO] Report: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Taken To Intensive Car

The prime minister was admitted to St Thomas’ Hospital in Westminster at 8 p.m. on Sunday on the advice of his doctor after continuing to exhibit a high temperature

[VIDEO] Report: China Trying To Rewrite History? Floods Facebook To Spin Blame Of Coronavirus On WH!

So China is interfering in our upcoming November election, eh? Business as usual, just as Barack Obama interfered in Benjamin Netanyahu’s some years back.

[VIDEO] That’s Cold! China Sells Masks, Faceguards To Italy After Telling World It Would Donate Equipment

Hoarding and then reselling Masks Is like declaring war without words. The CCP must finally go. This abhorrent abomination!

[VIDEO] Scammers In Kentucky Stage Drive-Thru Coronavirus Testing And Charge $240!

Even in the worst times individuals will still try to get over on people needing help. These scam artist set up tents and tried to stage a coronavirus testing area.

[VIDEO] Fellow Officers Arrest And Charge Officer For Nearly Beating Girlfriend To Death

I applaud this department and its officers for having zero tolerance for their own who egregiously break the laws they’re entrusted to enforce.

[VIDEO] Certified NY Doctor Warns “We Are Treating The Wrong Disease & Doing More Wrong Than Good”

That would explain why some people report their love ones going into the hospital with mild flu-like type symptoms and “dying immediately” once they are put on ventilators. Another stat said 50% of people put on ventilators are dying.

[VIDEO] Ireland Royal Mail Worker Wipes His Saliva On Self-Isolating Elderly Man’s Porch

Disgusting Royal Mail worker contaminates elderly persons home by swiping his saliva on the handles outside her home, so that she contracts #CoronaVirus

Report: Coronavirus Task Force Asks Consumers To Avoid Grocery Stories If They Can

A member of the White House’s CCP virus task force is warning against going out and buying groceries or medication as the pandemic is expected to reach its apex in the next two weeks

4-6 Keeping You Informed! U.S. Bracing For Pearl Harbor Moment; Apple Making Protective Gear; Johnson Hospitalized

During the day, we report and give opinions on lot of stories. We sometimes miss the most important ones so our Morning Brief is an attempt to catch up to keep you connected.

[VIDEO] New York Drone Barks Orders at Residents to Stay ‘6 Feet Apart’

This looks like something out of George Orwell’s 1984