The Queen Just Ruined Meghan and Harry’s Dreams of Fame by Completely Stripping Their Royal Titles

This is a pretty funny turn of events for the two entitled ex-royals.

[VIDEO] Watch This Amazing Moment When Trump’s Policies Freed a Man That Obama Refused to Help

Trump’s First Step Act helped free a man that Obama refused to help.

Report: Bernie Sanders Claims His “Mean Supporters” are “Fake” During Testy Interview

Bernie Sanders is now claiming any supporters who are “mean” are probably “fake”

Report: Hillary Clinton Gives Very Interesting Response to Rumors She’ll be Bloomberg’s VP

We recommend taking any comments Crooked Clinton makes with a grain of salt…

[VIDEO] Behar and McCain Get Down and Dirty Over Bloomberg “Who I Vote For is None of Your Business!”

The Cat Ladies on “The View” had their claws extra sharp today!

Report: After Caving to the Left, Boy Scouts of America Goes Belly-Up

This is what happens when you bow to the gods of the left.

Trump-Haters Take Out their Anger and Frustration Over Successful Daytona 500 Event on Melania

Liberals are like rabid dogs – running around aimlessly looking for someone to bite

Report: ‘Anonymous’ Worker in the White House Reportedly Just Identified – Could Face Possible Demotion

It appears that the White House may have identified the anonymous individual who wrote the #Resistance New York Times piece

Anti-Trump Arnold Schwarzenegger Praises and Thanks President Trump in Surprising Tweet

Arnold Schwarzenegger may be the first case of a reversal of Stage Five Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Report: 12-Year-Old Montana Boy Tortured and Beaten to Death by Grandparents and 14-Year-Old Uncle

This little boy was tortured and abused for 2 years by his own family members