Report: Donations Run Dry at Clinton Foundation, ‘Charity’ Reports Over $32 Million in Losses in Just Two Years

I guess it meant more for world leaders to buy access – not AIDS medicine.

Report: LGBTQ Activist Group Tells Chick-fil-A They’re Still Not Doing ‘Enough,’ Demands Further Action

GLADD, an LGBTQ activist group is now calling on Chick-fil-A to do more in support of LGBTQ rights.

Kanye West: I’m Standing Up And Drawing A Line In The Sand; “I’m Here In Service To God”

I think God thinks outside the box far more than we suspect, and that he is tolerant and merciful of anyone that is honestly seeking him (and even of those that aren’t).

[VIDEO] Pelosi Makes Another Embarrassing Blunder While Trying to Slam Trump During Confusing Stump Speech

Pelosi’s speeches and press conferences are a daily disaster. She slurs, can’t pronounce simple words, and forgets what time of day it is, and that’s just for starters.

Report: As New Week Of Impeachment Inquiry Begins, 95% Of America Tuned Out Impeachment, Day 2

The results show that a huge majority of respondents say testimony in the public impeachment hearings will not change their minds.

Pelosi Knew It Was Inappropriate To Float POTUS Testifying At This Stage But She Did It Anyway!

Trump said Monday that he doesn’t like the idea of lending credence to the impeachment “No Due Process Hoax,” he “likes” Pelosi’s suggestion that he should testify.

Outraged Christian Conservatives Take to Twitter to Shame Chick-fil-A For Caving to LGBTQ Activists 

The fast-food giant announced that they will no longer give money to Christian charities after LGBTQ backlash.

[VIDEO] Joy Reid Perplexed How Fundamental Change Black Woman (Kamala Harris) Isn’t Resonating With Dems

Reid thinks people are looking for boxes to check off which involve irrelevant superficial characteristics. She doesn’t seem to think the actual ability to do the job matters.

Ben Carson Says Maxine Waters is a ‘Showboating Opportunistic Shameless Career Politician With No Basic Manners’

Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson shamed vulgar and rude to Rep. Maxine Waters in one of the greatest, most scathing letters of all time

Bloomberg Apologizes For “Stop And Frisk” Policy That Actually Seemed To Work For NYC

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is reversing his longstanding support of the controversial “stop and frisk” police strategy ahead of a potential Democratic presidential run.

Report: Predictably, Mainstream Media Ignores ‘Good Guy With a Gun’ Who Ended Walmart Shooting Spree

The shooting took place in the parking lot and was ended by a good guy with a gun.

AOC Responds To Obama — We Aren’t “Pushing The Party Left, We Are Bringing The Party Home”

And this is the response Barack Obama wanted to hear? AOC has raised her clout and now she’s telling the party’s leader he doesn’t know what he’s talking about

Report: George Conway Now Going After Nikki Haley, Calls Her ‘Trashy, Disgusting, Pathetic’

I can’t figure out why Kellyanne Conway would stay married to such an angry, unhinged little creep like George Conway, who humiliates and disrespects her (and other conservative women) on a daily basis.

SCOTUS Temporarily Blocks Dems From Receiving Trump’s Tax Returns

This ruling by the Supreme Court temporarily blocks the enforcement of a subpoena for Pres. Trump’s tax returns.

Report: Vegan Parents Charged With Manslaughter After Baby Starves to Death on ‘Raw Diet’ of Avocados and Bananas

Why do liberal parents insist on pushing their lifestyles and beliefs on their young children?

[VIDEO] WTH? Progressive Pope Warmly Embraces Imam Who Said Christian Converts Should be ‘Killed’

The Imam’s name is Ahmad Al-Tayyeb, and he’s a radical, hateful, and intolerant monster…but Obama’s Pope loves him.

[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Faces Down Two Anti-Trump Protesters in Bloody Brawl Outside DNC Event in Cali

Things got heated, wild, and bloody outside a Democrat event in Long Beach, California.

[VIDEO] Conservative Hodge Twins Tell Pelosi to ‘Put The Martinis Down’ After Her Slurring Speech on ‘Trump Bribery’

Nancy Pelosi looks and sounds like a bumbling drunk as she desperately tries to sell this new “bribery” charge against President Trump.