Jordan Gifts $7.2M To Open Medical Clinic For Underprivileged Members Of The Community

Jordan, Charlotte Hornets’ owner and NBA legend, celebrates and speaks at the opening of Novant Clinic that he donated millions of dollars to in Charlotte

[VIDEO] General Mattis Says He’s Honored To Be Named ‘World’s Most Overrated General’ By POTUS

Mattis and Trump can have profound differences of opinion without either of them being derelict of duty. And while I would take Mattis any day to run a battle, Trump has to run a country.

Report: This Courageous Texas Mayor Fought Against a ‘Sharia Law Court’ In Her City, and Won 

Can you imagine? Sharia Law in Texas? It’s almost unthinkable, but it almost happened. 

Megyn Kelly Returns To Fox News And Brings 4 Million Viewers During Interview

Kelly, during the interview, blasted her former employer, NBC for how they handled the sexual misconduct allegation against former host Matt Lauer.

Opinion: Fox News Insiders Dish About The ‘Real’ Shep Smith – Jerk, Workplace Bully, Primadonna, Vengeful

“Shep Smith was a jerk. He was a jerk to work for. He was a jerk to work with. And he was a jerk away from the newsroom and cameras as well.” – Fox News Source

Report: Hunter Biden’s Company Paid for Adam Schiff’s Staffer to Fly to Ukraine to Dig up Impeachment Dirt 

Now we’re learning that one of Adam Schiff’s staffers flew to Ukraine to dig up impeachment dirt…and guess who paid for it? Burisma. Hunter Biden’s former company.

Dueling Texas Rallies ‘Trump vs Beto’…It’s Not Even Close LOL

Attention wh*re and glutton for punishment Beto O’Rourke held a “dueling” rally 12 miles from Trump’s Dallas rally on Thursday night.

Vice President Mike Pence Announces Turkey Has Agreed to a Ceasefire in Syria

President also hails the developments on Thursday as 'incredible'

[VIDEO] Biden Speaks To Media About Trump: “Release Your Tax Returns Or Shut Up, Will Beat Him Like A Drum”

Biden, the guy that at best has a serious conflict of interest and bribery problem, should be cautious about calling other people corrupt.

Reformed Never Trumper Hugh Hewitt Urges Trump to Take a ‘Wrecking Ball’ to Biased 2020 Debate Structure

Republicans must reject the biased rules of the Manhattan-Beltway media elites who are running these debates the same way they run their biased news channels.

15-Year-Old Sex-Trafficking Survivor Takes Her Life

Rather than helping them to escape back to their countries of origin, we pretend that they aren’t victims and that it’s perfectly normal for someone to be stolen as long as it fits our political agenda

Report: Rand Paul Calls Out John Bolton as Ukraine ‘Leaker’

“John Bolton might have his own agenda” – Rand Paul

Report: Warmonger George W. Bush Teams up With Accused Rapist Bill Clinton to Slam President Trump’s Peaceful Foreign Policy

It is moments like this when the globalists, who have done everything they can to ruin this country, show their true colors.

Report: Christian Parents Battle OH School Pushing ‘Embrace Your Homosexuality’ Agenda on 11-Year-Olds 

We must continue to fight for the souls of our children, who are at risk of being snatched and blackened by this twisted progressive agenda that spits in the face of traditional Christian American values.

[VIDEO] Jaw-Dropping Line Started Forming 50 Hours Ago for Tonight’s Dallas Trump Rally

By the time President Donald Trump speaks in Dallas on Thursday night, dozens of supporters will have waited in line to see him for more than 50 hours.

New York’s Cuomo Signs Legislation To Prosecute Those Pardoned By Presidents! “No One Is Above The Law”

That is why this new law will not hold up in court. You cannot make laws targeting certain people and turn a blind eye to others.

[VIDEO] San Fransisco Residents Are Taking a Cue From Trump and Erecting Wooden ‘Walls’ to Keep Homeless Out

In what can only be called a totally ironic twist of fate, the residents of the “liberal utopia” San Fransisco, are now building walls to keep homeless people out.