[VIDEO] Joe Biden Hilariously Mocked For Declaring “150 Million” Americans Have Been “Killed” By Gun Violence

So far this week Biden has announced he’s running for Senate and said his son was the Attorney General of the country, declared he was arrested in South Africa and announced that half the population of the United States has been slaughtered.

[VIDEO] Whoopi and Meghan Stop Joy in Her Tracks When She Tries Defending Bernie’s Cuba Comments

Should Sanders secure the nomination, you can expect more pundits than just Behar to start defending his radical policies.

[VIDEO] Unpopular Judge Napolitano Kicks Off His Sneaky Little “Apology Tour” on Fox Business

Buyer beware, as Judge Nap tries to weasel back into your good graces, keep in mind he still has Stage Five Trump Derangement Syndrome

Report: Former WAPO Writer Now “Dave & Busters” Janitor After Anonymous #MeToo Accusations Ruined His Life

Mike denies the claims written about him and I believe him, but I don’t care if this guy was a “male chauvinist,” he doesn’t deserve to have his entire life ruined because of it. 

Watch: Unearthed Video From 2017 of AOC Speaking Graciously About President Trump and MAGA

Here’s proof that AOC was still a semi-normal person back in 2017.

[VIDEO] An Observant Trump Supporter Noticed Something Hilarious About The Crowd in Mini Mike’s TV Ad

I love it when someone finds a crazy funny thing in an ad – especially when it involves Mini Mike 🤣

[VIDEO] Gwyneth Paltrow Brags that Her 13-Year-old Son is “Proud” of Her For Selling Vibrators Online

Really great job raising your kid, Gwyneth. He’s totally clueless just like you.

Report: Disgraced Traitor Mitt Romney is Helping Dems With their Latest Attacks Against Trump

Mitt Romney is probably even more bitter and jealous than Hillary Clinton is.

[VIDEO] Pro-Trump Group Hires “Anti-Greta” German Conservative Teenager to Fight “Youth Climate Alarmism”

The left has dragged kids into the climate cult, and now conservatives have a voice in the ring to offer a rational point of view. This is how you fight indoctrination. 

Report: Woman Arrested For Punching Stranger in the Face at a Bus Stop “I’m Doing This Because I Hate White People”

This is yet another story that you won’t see on the mainstream fake news media. They don’t want the real truth leaking out.