This Donald Trump Video Meme Shows You How He Shrugs Off The Opposition Media!

President Trump knows how to cut a step on the dancefloor

Rep. Meeks — Bernie Sanders Shouldn’t Run As A Democrat; He Refuses To Join The Party

He should be a Democrat. I think that he should say, if he wants to be a Democrat, he should register in the Democratic Party

Ted Lieu Claims If Mueller Exonerates Trump, Democrats Will Look In Other Places

The report will show no collusion, but the Democrats will not be embarrassed. They are always thinking of their next dirty deed.

Van Jones — Smollett Was The Jackie Robinson Against Homophobia In Black Community

When I saw the name Van Jones, I knew to either laugh, or simply discount everything following.

Fox Is “Considering” Removing Smollett From TV Show

This young man has self-esteem and integrity issues. To fabricate lies and stage actions of racism and hate must not be tolerated.

Angry Chicago Police Superintendent SLAMS Smollett; Dragged Chicago’s Reputation Through The Mud

All the leftist talking heads are so sad that he got caught doing exactly what they’ve been encouraging people to do.

Jussie Smollett Mugshot Released After Arrest; Criminal Charges Approved!

Jussie Smollett is under arrest and in custody of detectives.

“3x ISIS Married” Hoda Muthana Speaks On Shame Participating With Caliphate!

She had many choices at 19. She could join ISIS and fight America. She could join the US Armed Forces and fight ISIS.

Actor Jussie Smollett ARRESTED!

Chicago Police plan on having a press conference at 9 am prior to Smollett appearing in court.

Smollett Hate Crime Hoax Has a ‘Toxic, Poisonous Effect’ on the Nation

‘The Ingraham Angle’ explained why the ‘Empire’ actor who’s been indicted ‘owes everybody in Chicago an apology’

Jussie Smollett Is Officially A Suspect In Criminal Investigation!

The Chicago Police Department should be given great praise for their commitment to this matter.

Virginia Lt Governor’s Accuser SLAMS Dems! Pure Cowardice For Ducking Role

Maybe both of these accusers need to press their case right in a courtroom in front of a jury and refuse any offer of a settlement.

Maxine Waters Claims Trump Supporters Who Want Border Walls Are Not Patriots!

Waters is the definition of hate speech without a brain.

Kamala Harris’ Father Categorically Dissociates Himself From Her Marijuana Conversation Travesty

Obviously, Kamala is willing to lie and trash her own family good name in lustful pursuit of power and ego satisfaction.

‘Another Day, Another Wacky Liberal’ Steps into the Crowded 2020 Race

These Dems and more will ‘take your money’ for their ‘pipe-dream policies’ that ‘never work,’ ‘The Ingraham Angle’ noted

Ocasio Cortex Defends Her Amazon Position After Flurry Of Backlash

Apparently, AOC is unfamiliar with how capital works per property investment.

IT BEGINS! Covington Boys Lawyers Go After The Washington Post First!

Slander will be easy to prove in this case. The family wanted an apology and Washington post refused and didn’t retract.