Meghan and Harry Blasted For Selfishly Promoting Pet Project While UK Prime Minister Struggles in ICU

I am sure this announcement could have waited until the prime minister was out of ICU, for crying out loud. 

4-7 Keeping You Informed! Coronavirus Hotspots Around World Show Signs Of Plateauing; Not U.S.

During the day, we report and give opinions on lot of stories. We sometimes miss the most important ones so our Morning Brief is an attempt to catch up to keep you connected.

[VIDEO] Man Allegedly Tried To Kill Wife After Learning He Wouldn’t Receive Coronavirus Stimulus Check

The woman told police Macias had tried to light a cigarette several times to ignite the fire, but the lighter was covered in gasoline and it did not work.

[VIDEO] McCain: COVID-19 Is Killing More Blacks Than Whites; Trump Will Play On American’s Fears

As Democrats and NeverTrumpers say, never “let a disaster pass without taking full political advantage, and when no disaster exists, create one.”

Report: Detroit Dem Rep With COVID-19 Says Hydroxychloroquine and President Trump Saved Her Life

Asked whether she thinks Trump may have saved her life, Whitsett said: “Yes, I do,” and “I do thank him for that.”

[VIDEO] We’ve All Seen Trump Humiliate Reporters, But You’ve Never Seen a Humiliation Like This

What’s more work for President Trump…battling Coronavirus or these disrespectful “gotcha” fake news reporters?