Report: Alleged Whistleblower Overheard Consulting With Schiff Staffer on “Removing” President Trump

Real Clear Investigations journalist Paul Sperry is now reporting that an alleged discussion took place in the Obama White House just before President Trump took power.

Trump First President in History to Speak at March for Life

In a smart PR move, he'll draw attention from the last day of Dem trial antics.

[VIDEO] Dem Rep Confronted by 91-Year-Old Democrat “I’m Sick of Pelosi…They All Make Me Sick!”

A liberal voter tells a Democrat Rep that he’s sick and tired of the impeachment-crazed Dems.

Report: Software Used To Control Police Drones Leaves Flight Plans Exposed

As our society grows to be more literate from a technological perspective, the implementation of more advanced tools will be used within our daily lives.

States Speak Up Asking Senate to Throw Out Impeachment

GOP Attorneys General in 21 states want it tossed.

Bill O’Reilly Delivers True But Chilling Observation After Day One Senate Impeachment Trial 

O’Reilly has a very chilling observation after watching Day One of the Impeachment sham

Report: Ouch! Frustrated and Humiliated Dems Lose 11-Straight Votes in the GOP Senate

Ouch. The Dems are 0-11 and are looking and folding like a cheap suit!

Trump Trial Winners and Losers: We’ll Help You Decide

Cipollone is the big winner, Nadler the biggest loser.

[VIDEO] Team Trump Shuts Down Nadler ‘This is the U.S. Senate…You’re Not in Charge Here” 

Team Trump is on fire in the U.S. Senate, taking down the Schiff show with ease.

[VIDEO] Trump Calls Out Climate Hysteria From “Prophet of Doom” Greta Thunberg During World Economic Forum

Like the rest of the sane world, President Trump has had enough with the weather “profits of doom” like young climate bully Greta Thunberg.

Opinion: If The Dems Case Is So Strong And So Obvious, As They Insist, Why Need More Docs And Witnesses?

You can already see the corrupt Democrat’s laying the groundwork for after Pres. Trump is not found guilty of the two articles. They will cry how it was a cover-up and unfair to high heaven.

[VIDEO] ‘Wouldn’t That Be Beautiful?’ Trump Has One Brilliant Reason for Attending His Impeachment Trial

Trump threw reporters completely off their game by stating that he’d love to attend the impeachment trial.