Rep. Keith Ellison’s Attempt To Win Minnesota AG Race In Jeopardy!

Democrats are stormtroopers; they march lock step together no matter what they may claim to get elected

President Trump — Elizabeth Warren Should Apologize To America!

The lunatic left love to scream about cultural appropriation but will say nothing about this ridiculous claim of Warren’s.

Well-Known Conservative Banned From Social Media Platform — For ‘Hateful Conduct’

One thing I haven’t lost sight of and that is Twitter and Facebook are private companies.

Bob Menendez’s Opponent Releases Ad That Would Sink Anyone’s Political Chances

Hammer Menendez mercilessly on this; evidence doesn’t matter. It didn’t matter with Moore or Kavanaugh

This Low Flying Airplane SHOCKED Everybody Including Those In The Skyscraper!

Hold on to your seats because this ride was a bit jumpy

Released Pastor Brunson Meets And Prays For President Trump At White House

I still don’t see how progressives continue to hate on President Trump.

Watch The Fast Man Alive Usain Bolt Scores First Soccer Goal — This Is So Awesome!

Usually, things like this do not happen like this and especially so fast but he’s a special individual.

Saudis To Report Journalist Was Killed — ‘Interrogation Gone Wrong’

No rational person should be surprised that the 9/11 Saudis would kill this man in one of their consulates.

MSNBC Craig Melvin Jokes — I Might Be Just As Native American As Elizabeth Warren

Her new results do not qualify her to receive college discounts or use the race “Native American” on official forms

What The Hell Is Happening In Portland? Is ANTIFA Making It Their Base?

Oppression is when one group uses violence to intimidate others into action they don’t want to take.

CNN Tries To Drive Point Home With Panel — Independents Aren’t Happy With Trump

CNN is back with one of their always amazing voter panels

Singer Michael Buble Is Leaving The Music Industry — Please Pray!

He has a God-given talent and is an incredible singer and seems like a nice person. His son is in my nightly prayers.

Here Are The Top 10 Welfare States Per Capita — Dem Leadership At It’s Finest!

Many local and state governments continue to spend billions of dollars on welfare every year.

Elizabeth Warren Touts New DNA Results Linking Her To Native America Heritage

The exact percentage would depend on the number of Native American ancestors contributed to the DNA pool.

Chief of Staff Kelly — Elizabeth Warren Is ‘Impolite Arrogant Woman’

Fauxahontis is a perfect example of the brain cancer of “progressives.”

Driver Attacked By Portland ANTIFA Says He Was Just Trying To Get Away From Mob

ANTIFA, George Soros and the rest of the Insane Left are deliberately trying to provoke us into harming them

Dave Chappelle After Giving Trump A Chance — Rhetoric Of His Presidency Is Repugnant

I knew the Van Jones interview was coming but the conservative websites didn’t.