Construction Completion Date For Border Replacement Destroys Resistance For 2020!

Did you see the completion dates? Trump usually likes things to come in early, and under budget so this could be very interesting.

Maxine Waters — “This President And His Minions Are Absolutely Ridiculous”

With that said, Waters has decided to taint Trump’s name with the “impeach” label. She’s been doing it since the first day Trump set his feet in the Oval Office

For NYC to Go Green, Iconic Buildings of Steel and Glass Would Be Banned, Says de Blasio

Signature structures no longer could be built, as they’re ‘incredibly inefficient,’ declared mayor of Big Apple on Earth Day

Buffalo Evades An Attack From Lions And Crocodile At The Same Time!

Extremely stunning moments caught on camera. I am very happy that the buffalo survived.

Candidate Of Gimmicks! Warren Moves From Reparations To Canceling Student Loan Debt

Buying votes with other peoples money, Warren has an agenda to turn America into the United Socialist States of America

Mark “Dark Side” Halperin Looks To Return To Becoming A Pundit

This guy is 54 years old. Millions of people learn not to hurt others way before they are age 30, and often much sooner.

2020 Dem Candidate Says Time To Move On From Mueller Report

Democrats should focus first on US citizens, and second to bring up a smart candidate to defeat Trump.

Warren Calls On House To Begin Impeachment Proceedings Against POTUS

This is why Warren should never be elected President. She would govern by hate, not what is best for the country.

Conservative Student “Expelled” After English Class Disagreement!!

Here’s my question, Where in the heck do these schools get off trying to shut down young conservative minds because it doesn’t coincide with their liberal beliefs?

Caravan Members Frustrated As Support Along The Pathway To The U.S. Dries Up

Once they heard the magic words ‘asylum’ and ‘credible fear, the flood gates opened and thousands of poorly educated, low-skilled Central Americans jumped on the bandwagon.

Jerry Nadler Tries To Push Fake Narrative — “There Is Plenty Of Evidence Of Obstruction”

I watched Nadler in action as a committee chairman. The guy doesn’t know Robert’s Rules of Order. Neither does Maxine Waters. What’s with these Democrats?

O’Rourke’s Audience Member Calls Him Out After He Claimed Not Taking Money From Lobbyists

The media are done with Beto, Buttigieg is the new Flavor of the Month.

Former Fox News Host Says Roger Ailes Created Fox News To Demonize Minorities

While working at Fox News, Williams developed a persona that wasn’t welcomed among the viewers and they let her know on social media.

Dem Leader Says Stop Impeachment Talks, Will Divide Country; Rather Defeat Trump In 2020

I think it’s funny to hear Democrats talking about unifying the nation. If Democrats were interested in unifying the country, they wouldn’t be participating in the soft coup against President Trump.

Dems Announce Private Conference Call On Monday To Discuss Further Action With Mueller Report

I’d be astonished if the House tries to impeach Trump. The leadership knows that the sizable majority of voters don’t support it, and will remember in November of 2020.

Popular Television Comedian Who Played President Just Became President Of Ukraine — For Real!

The whole world is emulating America now by voting in outsiders in office. The only way to clean up the swamp and the deep state is to throw the bums out and bring in new people.

MSNBC Disrupts Robert Mueller’s Easter Sunday After Church Service

Special counsel Robert Mueller muttered a “no comment” to an MSNBC reporter Sunday

WATCH Wallace’s Tense Interview With Giuliani Over Mueller Report, Obstruction Of Justice!

We need to get back to the business of running the country. Let the Democrats throw their tantrums and have their investigations.