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Outgoing DHS Nielsen — “I Share The President’s Goal Of Securing The Border”

Kirstjen Nielsen, Outgoing Department of Homeland Security Secretary, spoke to reporters early Monday afternoon and claimed she still supports President Trump’s border policies despite her resignation this past weekend.

“I share the President’s goal of securing the border. I will continue to support all efforts to address the humanitarian and security crisis on the border,” Nielsen said.

On Monday, Hogan Gidley, Deputy White House Press Secretary ripped the media for trying to create a false narrative around Nielson’s departure.

“I do find it kind of interesting that the media is so focused on what happened behind the scenes with the resignation of Secretary Nielsen instead of worrying about what’s actually happening at the border. We have a crisis down there, an emergency and the media,”

“We’ve got to address what’s going on at the border. We were down there. It was amazing to look into the faces of those affected by this crisis directly, hear their stories, their heartbreak of assaults and deaths not to mention the fact that drugs that are pouring across the border. President Trump predicted this, he said this would happen.”

If you are brave enough to work for Trump you’d better be prepared to work hard and produce the results he is looking for. Otherwise, either turn down the job or try not to get fired. President Trump doesn’t put up with mediocrity and believe it or not; he can tell if you are on the team and he plans accordingly.




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