Out Of Control Democrats Taking Pictures On House Floor; Could Face Serious Fine

While Republicans were taking care of business, Democrats decided to push the envelope and take photos on the floor of the House which is against the rules.

The Democrats might get away with it this time because as the new Congress leaves and the new Congress begins, there’s a small window where there are “no rules.”

Hopefully, the GOP can find a way to discipline these Democrats but then again, isn’t that like liberals. They are always trying to find loopholes to game the system for their own purposes.

From Roll Call:

Several Democrats took pictures on the House floor as the chamber held a quorum call to kick off the 115th Congress — a violation of House rules that Republicans want to start punishing with a fine of up to $2,500.

Roll Call spotted Democrats appeared to be taking photos in protest to the proposed fine, which the House is expected to adopt later on Tuesday as part of a vote on a package of rules governing operations of the lower chamber. However, the photos were snapped during the brief period of the start of a new Congress where the House has no rules, since they have not yet adopted the new package and the previous rules expired at the end of the 114th Congress.

Taking photos or recording video on the House floor has been a longstanding violation of House rules, but the fine is something new Republicans are proposing this year as a delayed reaction to Democrats’ June sit-in on the House floor protesting gun violence. During the sit-in, Democrats used their cell phones to record video of their speeches and chants and took photos of themselves and their colleagues after Republicans turned off the CSPAN cameras that provide live access to the floor.

Some of the Democrats who took protest photos Tuesday shared them on social media.

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