Organization Offers Free Abortions To Those Affected By Hurricane Harvey; 74 Already Signed Up!

Great day in the morning! We need to see more signs of the liberal agenda taking a beating because the headlines today are just terrible.

You would think the victims of Hurricane Harvey would have other things to worry about than an abortion, the killing of a life, but Whole Women’s Health has decided to throw their name into the hellfire and offer free abortions to women who are going through traumatic situations.

This sickens me to my core! How low have we gotten to as a society, that we treat the creation of life as a nuisance!

Free abortions? No they didn’t offer to help rebuild homes, clothing, monies, transportation or anything to get back on the victim’s feet, they offered free abortions.

Woman’s “Health” in this case equals killing of another human being! Are they so weak and selfish that they would consider an abortion, just because they have been thru a life trial? Be a real woman, bring the child into the world and give it up for adoption to a family who is willing to raise another’s child as their own.

Source: Fox News

At least 74 women have already taken the organization up on the offer, or have scheduled an appointment for the procedure, the Dallas Morning News reported. The price will be fully covered, as will the cost of transportation and accommodations, the group said.

But Texas Right to Life, an anti-abortion group, argued against the notion of a free abortion, claiming that “there is always a cost.”

“The promotion of this heinous no-cost service is riddled with fallacies because abortion is never free,” Melissa Conway, director of external relations for Texas Right to Life, told Baptist Press. “There is always a cost to abortion. Women are not free from the emotional toll that ensues after abortion and the child is certainly not free to live another day. Abortions, just like the catastrophic effects of a hurricane, are never free and we, as a community, pay the price for their needless destruction.

Does anyone else think it’s strange that they’re quick to offer free abortions, but never do you hear the words “free aDOPTion?” I’m sure there are plenty of people, who would adopt in a minute but never get the chance.

This is absolutely sick. I won’t get into whether or abortion is right or wrong, but for someone to advertise abortions because you had bad luck is sick. Just preying upon people in their time of distress is sick. If people care so little about the children they are carrying then maybe they should seek permanent solutions and do everyone a favor if they just don’t have children.

Regardless of your stance on abortion, there are much better causes to donate your money to that benefits those affected by Harvey.

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