Opinion: The Way Trump Continues To Beat Down The Dem Party And Their Anti-America Agenda Will Be His Legacy

Have you asked yourself why do Democrats and the media hate Pres. Trump so much?

They hate him because all their dirty tricks, scams, media takedowns, Deep State operations that worked so beautifully before have utterly failed. The question is, why? Is Pres. Trump THAT much smarter? Is this crop of Democrats and Deep State operatives THAT much dumber?

It is probably a little of both plus the fact that the game has passed them by. The old advantages don’t work as well anymore. The media has steadily lost influence and credibility; polls don’t drive the narrative as they once did, and having Meet the Press and NPR preaching to a crowd of our betters doesn’t impress as it did not too long ago.

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There is also another possibility, however, remote it may be, that there is someone high up in the DNC privy to all these plans and shenanigans is tipping the President off. (sarcasm).

The way he has beaten them at every turn is suspicious. Once or twice can be attributed to his street smarts and cunning. Three or four times to coincidence and luck but every damn time? I wonder.

Think of the drug supplier and user relationship. This is a classic relationship of ultimate power. The user is addicted to the drugs and will do anything for the supplier to get the next fix. Sometimes this means resorting to violence. Sometimes it means trading sex with the dealer.

There is nothing the addict won’t do. Now, let’s pretend that every user was penned up and forced to go through withdrawal. The user will become a stark raving lunatic for a while. The supplier, on the other hand, will use every means possible to get the users out of the pen to maintain the symbiotic relationship. Failing that, they will try to find others to hook on their drug.

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That’s what is going on with Trump. He has made it clear that he wants to end the treat train. He wants people to become productive members of society. That hurts those stuck on handouts. It will force them to work. As fulfilling as that might be, when you and the generation before have been receiving handouts for nothing, the change is going to hurt… a lot… at least for a while.

On the other hand, those giving the handouts have been used to the trappings of power and the money and prestige that comes along with that. They have been voted into office by the very people they have captured to keep the cash flowing. That’s where the hate and insanity come from. So what do you do when faced with this prospect? You double down.

You try to find new constituencies to hook on your drug… free schooling, free healthcare. You do whatever you can to find a new group of people to keep you in power.

Fortunately, it won’t work. Eventually, like the user, reality sets in, and being free from the supplier becomes infinitely more desirable than being stuck on the drug. Is it any surprise that Trump’s popularity in formerly subjugated inner-city communities is rising?

And as for the rest of us, we like our liberty, thank you very much. And we won’t give it up so quickly to get hooked on the next form of government drug on offer.

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Trump has not only exposed the Democrats but the FAKE NEWS we have received for decades. He has exposed the “fake aristocracy of the Washington elite,” along with their academic records, privileged family history (most came from very shady businesses and corruption), their relationships, their massive crimes and, in general,  their “good old boy system.”

People who hate Trump have no idea what his accomplishments are, and they don’t care. These are the same people who judge a president on purely superficial criteria; likability, charm, mannerisms, etc. His boorish, bloviating style turns people off. His childish insults, attacks, and feeling the need to weigh in on every little thing via Twitter turns people off. Even Clint Eastwood!

The Left thought they had won the war. They truly thought they had the right so downtrodden and chained by ‘political correctness,’ left-leaning courts and policy, that the right was DONE!

Trump and his election changed all that since his election the Democrats are reminiscent of Rumpelstiltskin, stomping their feet.

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