Senate Passes $1.1 Trillion Dollar Omnibus Bill 79-18; On It’s Way To Trump For Signature

The government is once again pushing a trillion dollars to the Oval office to sign to keep things moving and I once again can not support this bill.

I was against this a few times while Barack Obama was in office. I was against this when Speaker Ryan did this in 2015 and I am against it now. We can’t afford this and Democrats know this. They have rigged the system and taken Republican leaders to hell with them on this monstrosity.

The bill now goes to President Trump and no doubt, the jackals around him will say he has no choice but to sign it or the government will be shut down. Will he sign it? Of course, he will. I hate government and I am not afraid to say it. They get away with so much theft on the American people and they don’t do it behind our backs anymore, they do it in our faces.

The GOP continues to bend over their base. Like it or not people the 2nd amendment is now our only option. How many of you will continue to ignore this fact?

Put everyone in Congress on trial, and let the cards fall where they may. MOST are guilty of treason at some level.

Source: Fox News

Congress on Thursday approved a $1.1 trillion spending bill that keeps the government running through September – and stands as President Trump’s first major piece of legislation.

The Senate passed the bill 79-18, a day after the House approved it.

The bill now heads to the White House for Trump’s signature with plenty of time left to dodge a midnight Friday deadline.

The passage came moments before the House also voted to approve a Republican-authored health care bill, in a major victory for the White House and majority party.

The bill includes $15 billion more for the Pentagon and $1.5 billion in emergency border security funds but does not include funding to begin construction work on the president’s southern border wall with Mexico.

Democrats that negotiated the bill with Republicans successfully defended other accounts targeted by Trump such as foreign aid, the Environmental Protection Agency, support for the arts, and economic development grants, among others.

The sweeping, 1,665-page bill also increases spending for NASA, medical research, and federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI.

American Conservative Union WILL NOT Back This $1T Omnibus Bill!

Maybe Trump will veto it and show the American people excess government spending will not go forward and they need to figure out a way to fix this asap.

If this revised healthcare bill passes, and he pulls out of the Paris Climate Accord, I’ll give a pass on this one until September. Botch either of those or don’t come through on the threat of a shutdown in September, then Trump could become a one-term President.

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