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Omarosa Releases New Audio Tape After Pierson Claims Conversation Didn’t Exist

Katrina Pierson joined Fox News last night and claimed she never stated that Pres. Trump said the n-word, but she didn’t know Omarosa had recorded the phone call.

I spoke to a friend of my that has White House access, and he told me that Pierson had been on television disputing this “phone call” between Omarosa and Lynn Patton, a confident and employee within the Trump organization for years, where they were trying to spin the alleged use of President using the n-word. This audio tape clearly shows Pierson saying that Trump used the word.

Grant it, you did not hear the President use the n-word but Pierson was sure he used it based on the conversation.

I don’t understand why Pierson would lie except to think she didn’t know the phone call was being taped. You can say what you will about Omarosa and how evil she is but you can’t discount Pierson lying on national television that the conversation never happened and she didn’t say what you heard in the tape.

Source: Huffington Post

Pierson told Fox News on Sunday that Manigault Newman was the first member of the Trump campaign to discuss the so-called “Apprentice” tape of Trump allegedly using a slur on the set of the reality show he starred in. Pierson said both Miller and Patton have “no idea what she’s talking about.”

One more thing. I talked with my White House friend, and both of us were shocked at the calmness that Omarosa is approaching this situation. She doesn’t seem afraid of backlash or Trump supporters hitting her with verbal attacks. My friend used the word “gangsta.”

If you travel the internet, you will notice that these women were buddies. They hung around each other taking photos and having a good time so you wonder how many more recordings she might have with all involved.

I did say with more and more attacks against her and her releasing audio tapes to provide defense against her attacks, by the end of the week, she might gain support from the black community, and even the NAACP might come to her rescue.

I know what you think of Omarosa, but what do you think about Pierson on the audio tape?

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