Rep. Omar Thanks Fox News For Condemning Judge Jeanine

Rep. Ilhan Omar thanked Fox News for strongly condemning one of their own, Judge Jeanine Pirro for questioning the Minnesota Congresswomen’s wearing of the hijab and whether or not her loyalties are with the United States or her religion.

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Pirro also questioned the Democratic party while bringing up how Islam is “antithetical” to the Constitution, which she is 100% correct.

This is what Omar and the Democrats want to see. Fox News released a statement to “strongly condemn” Pirro’s comments, and that “they do not reflect those of the network and we have addressed the matter with her directly.”

Why is Fox News doing this? They aren’t scheduled for a Democratic 2020 primary debate, and if they get one after this, their actions against Pirro would be the reason. Most already claim Fox News has gone to the left on many things including their opinion shows and identity politics, but Democrats feel they are still too “far right,” attacking them at every turn.

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